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May I impress upon my visitors the importance of reading Hiroshima Yeah!?  Since my last post praising this zine I have sent a couple of letters, review copies of the midwich cdrs and a few stamps and this turns out to have met the cost of a lifetime subscription.  Who knew?  Anyway, in turn I have received three more envelopes.  Two of these were entertainingly stuffed with papery mulch (contents of first pictured above, click for full size) and each contained a letter from Gary and, amazingly, a lathe-cut 7″ single.  I’m sure this service must be for platinum-standard subscribers only…

The third contained a postcard which featured a collage on one side (pictured below) and a riff on my postal address on the other and NOTHING ELSE.  This had the dual effect that receiving folk/outsider art always creates – first: you are awed and charmed by the effort someone has put into making the object, second: you are alarmed that this crazy person knows where you live.

The April issue is a Royal Wedding special of sorts (don’t ask) and features more grim poetry, a review of the whole-day-up-to-and-including-a-The-Pheromoans-gig, and made me want to hear The Low Anthem by referencing both Ivor Cutler and Talk Talk in their review.  This issue is also noteworthy for lavishing praise on both Nick Drake and Kevin Tomkins (of Sutcliffe Jugend) within a couple of pages of each other.  I suspect not many publications can claim to have done that.

Contact HY! via: donbirnam@hotmail.com

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