quality baked goods part four: rich jacobs and bre’r on sanity muffin

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Rich Jacobs – The Tooth Lady (C52 tape with print and microzine, Sanity Muffin Artist Series, edition of 150)

Bre’r – Homes For Taipei Wifing (C42 tape, Sanity Muffin, edition of 100)

rich jacobsBre'r

OK, all the reviews in this series so far have been of reissues.  Enuff!  Next up from Sanity Muffin: two albums of guitar-led, instrumental, original material.

First is The Tooth Lady by Rich Jacobs (as it is billed on the Sanity Muffin site, the doc that comes with the tape suggests it could also be Turbulent Grains by The Tooth Lady – either way Mr. Jacobs is the sole featured musician).  This is the inaugural title of the ‘Artist Series’ in which multi-talented acquaintances of Sanity Muffin Captain Billy Sprague are invited to both fill a tape with their music and have a hand in its packaging.  The object is suitably lovely.  Each tape is housed in a neat, clear plastic presentation box (not the usual clacky cassette case) with a tiny Japanese Gocco print complementing the geometric design on the labels.  A twelve page microzine containing collages and credits is bound to this with a stiff card OBI strip, hand-stamped and numbered.  Most satisfactory.

The music is improv guitar.  Not desert, not cosmic – just simple, cool and with a pleasantly confident, infectious charm.  The guitar is slightly reverbed to give it that ‘recorded in a water tower’ vibe but otherwise appears untreated.  It is a classic rock ‘n’ roll/surf sound but bent here to unrock purposes.  I find it refreshing and sharp with possibility – like the first day of the Spring when you can leave the house without a jacket.  Also, unlike many art/music crossover projects, the art/music balance is well struck with each amplifying the other.  Mustard on your hotdog, man.

Homes for Taipei Wifing by Bre’r (solo project of D.A. Fisher – another artist new to me) is plenty desert and plenty cosmic.  Picture the shimmer of the new dawn sun tinting the sky a blood orange pink as it touches the horizon.  A bassy, resonant fuzz rearranges the sand (‘turbulent grains’!) as smooth-bottomed, city-sized spaceships land with a silent, gentle grace on the far side of the dunes.  This open ended drift, swaying to its own circadian rhythms, must be what the designers of my tape walkman had in mind when they put that little ‘keep it flipping’ button right there next to ‘play’.  It makes me walk around the house like an astronaut on the moon – long, slow, bouncy strides, arms out to my sides.  I could listen to this all day.  I have.

Buy from Sanity Muffin’s Big Cartel site.

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