avian assault crew: scott mckeating on stefan jaworzyn and lobster priest

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Stefan Jaworzyn – EP1 The Fucker / Dr. Smegmatic (12” vinyl, Shock Records, SX035)

Lobster Priest – Crucial Trading (vinyl LP, Fuckin’ Amateurs, #72, edition of 200)

Stefan JaworzynLobster Priest

And so, ladies and gentlemen, we come to the debut post from the third of RFM’s musketeers.  Yes, Scott McKeating officially joins the trio of co-conspirators running this show today.  Marvel at his account of old warhorse and Termite Club favourite Stefan Jaworzyn’s shock (ha, see what I did there?) return, grin with pained amusement at the heritage medium of vinyl making his balls ache and nod in vigorous agreement at his praise for Lobster Priest and Fuckin’ Amateurs, pride of the North East.  Over to Scott:

Stefan Jaworzyn – EP1 ‘The Fucker’ / ‘Dr. Smegmatic’

Think Stefan Jaworzyn and you’d normally be thinking about the freejazznoise Ascension project, his Shock Records label and his time as part of Skullflower. Having just revived his revered Shock label after a decent hiatus, Jaworzyn’s first release there is a limited 33rpm 12” of his own electronic synth analogue material. Available as a single 12” or as part of a 3 x12” (and bonus cdr/art) subscription series, Jaworzyn is back and busy.

Riding an insistent rhythm, ribcaging in a sense of un-releasable pressure, ‘Dr. Smegmatic’ is an infected DNA coil of electronic loops and analogue pulses. Think crazy paced tectonics of post-industrial electronics, layers of blunt are jarred together like chipped bricks dropped from a tower block roof version of Tetris – with all the brutality that that image represents. This side is all about blunt force squelch; ‘Dr. Smegmatic’ is a locking/unlocking groove of a frantic mind state and a blur of oscillation and potential collapse. There’s a strand of sound in this track that sounds like dawn chorus gone ape shit, altered bleeps that sound like Hitchcock coaxed avian assault crews straining at their cage bars. This isn’t straight electronics by any stretch of the imagination; it’s the bleep-age fried eye experimentation of a triumphant analogue bludgeon.

The flipside, with the in your face title of ‘The Fucker’, is a comparatively looser affair – a blind melody line, a live cut-and-paste-and-let-it-loop improv over the adamant thudding of the track’s beat. Angry, exploratory and at the Beachy Head edge of confusion, Jaworzyn always manages to keep it back from the brink of din to remain be musical. Two fifteen minute pieces of two-fingers up analogue.

Available from the usual outlets such as Norman Records or email stefan.jaworzyn@ntlworld.com for purchase and subscription details.

Lobster Priest – Crucial Trading

A perennial grumbler, even the fact this Lobster Priest release is their best to date doesn’t turn my frown upside down – I find everything to do with vinyl a huge pain in the arse. There’s the storage issues, the fact it’s completely defenceless against a two year old and the need for it to be set up like an altar. Ridiculous format grumbles aside, this album was hand delivered by a passing Martin of FA, truly one of the North East’s no-audience underground’s most generous and thorough documentarians.

The two sides of this plastic grooved abomination highlight Lobster Priest’s different aspects, each side bulging with third eye nutrition. Where Lobster Priest have always reliably delivered the goods in the form of the purest grown Anatolian psychedelic dronerock, the addition of artist and keyboard player Cara France has broadened/weirdened their sound. Now with a Carnival Of Souls aspect to their sound, and the increased ability to run on grooves as well as the fumes of abandon, the already liberated guitars of Bong’s Mike Vest and Totem Recall’s Cameron Sked are even more free to scrape the VU meter’s limits. The A side, the epic ‘Suzie Fuckin’ Q Death Trip’, manages to transmit a great emotional ache through its melody while still kicking out the jams. The sound may be reaching for the skies of the sunscorched open plains, but there’s always been a further skewed aspect to Lobster Priest beyond that of psychedelia. They’re not so much tripped out as they are ragged and a little bit fire damaged, at the odd crossroads of expanded pupils exhilaration and closed eye wrecked. Lobster Priest’s huge guitar workout tracks are more than just the produce of stoners, more than just a retread of past glorious trails.

Crucial Trading’s  flipside, ‘Live In Harran / Free Radio’, is the more experimental of the two cuts. Grown around hefty Turkish (?) radio samples, loops and tones as a constructed field recording of the soundtrack to a long hot desert road drive in a dust shrouded beat-up car this is just like being there. There’s no real attempt to tune the station in, the thing is merging up signals anyway and is pretty much broken, sounds slipping in and out of drones. It’s no World Music toe-dip either; it’s much more caustic and rhythmic than a mere ambient soundscape.

Fuckin’ Amateurs

Lobster Priest: Bandcamp, Homepage

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