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Posset – A Diamond of Radiant Colour (Bells Hill, BH007)

‘Ow do folks.  Just a little note alerting you to the fact that blog fave and RFM’s North East correspondent Joe Posset will soon be treading the boards in a city possibly near you.  On the 30th September he features as part of Leek Pudding, venue t.b.c. but in the Toon, on the 8th he joins the legendary Rhys Chatham at the Star & Shadow Cinema, also up Newcastle way, and nightly from 11th to 15th October he is proper touring with the venerable Bill Orcutt (of Harry Pussy) and the wonderful Jessica Rylan.  I see one of the London dates will feature the unassuming legend that is Paul Hession – proclaimed by me, drunkenly but accurately, as the best drummer in the country.  More details via Joe’s myspace page and very comprehensive and useful information (including youtube clips) on the London gigs via the cafe OTO site.  Should prove unmissable.

(Although not for me of course.  Due to my gargantuan, immoral laziness I will only attend shows performed in the Scout hut at the end of my road.  Even then I am hamstrung if it is the servant’s night off as I often find myself wedged into my leather armchair and need the assistance of old Carstairs to extricate myself.  Once the cook had to be called to help too and, by using the coal shovel as a makeshift giant shoehorn, I was freed with a sound not unlike a champagne cork popping.  Ahh…, Ashtray Navigations were fantastic that night.  But I digress…)

Allow me to also mention the CD-r above – the latest Posset recordings to arrive here at RFMHQ.  I will keep this brief for two reasons: a) it is already ‘sold out at source’, meaning Scott of Bells Hill has already parted with all his copies (might still be worth asking Joe) and b) it has already been dealt with comprehensively in the lengthy, intelligent and entertaining review by Peter Taylor over on Foxy Digitalis.

Suffice to say this is another belting set of improv destructo-skiffle and dictaphoned amusic, with a portion perhaps being a little darker and meatier than other recent Posset releases.  Mind you, that perception could just have been caused by my mood.  The last time I end-to-ended this I had grumpy ears and was listening to it in an attempt to cheer myself up following a gruelling day in the office.  Did it work?  Yes, it worked.

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