‘running repairs’ repaired: midwich remixed, reviewed

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Poor Robbie is sick.  Yes, the feeble editor of this blog has succumbed to one of the numerous bugs currently leaping from face to face.  After three weeks of sapping my energy it has obviously had enough of my moaning and decided to put me on my arse good and proper.  Bleurgh.  Still, I think the gripes about The Wire and criticism in general have had long enough at the top of the page so here’s a distraction to entertain you whilst I recuperate.

Firstly, Dave Thomas, Daniel Thomas’s bandmate in Hagman (no relation), has taken it upon himself to remix ‘new territories’ the first track on latest midwich CD-r running repairs.  The consensus seems to be that it ‘fizzes’, which is true, but I think it is a lot more considered than that implies.  Listen to and/or download his take, retitled ‘New Plateaus’, on SoundCloud here.

Secondly, also worthy of your time is Daniel’s deliciously golden remix of midwich’s ‘river apples‘ in a blissed out, Basic Channel style.  Listen to and/or download his take, retitled ‘Pommes De Rivière’, on SoundCloud here.  I know that I have mentioned this in passing before but it is very lovely so I wouldn’t want you to miss it.

Whilst you are enjoying this music you could cleanse your palette of the unpleasant taste left by The Wire by reading two totally impartial accounts of my recent activity.  Firstly a review of running repairs and the Midwich/The Skull Mask split over at Idwal Fisher.  Secondly, a piece about radiofreemidwich and running repairs on the Pyongyang Plastics anti-blog (scroll down to the section labelled ‘PYONGYANG PLASTICS’ WEBSITE OF THE WEEKEND # 1 + MUSIC’).  Both are very nice about me and thus can be trusted as writing of the highest quality.

Next up: the marvel that is the photocopier, plus reviews of stuff on Agorafobia, Matching Head and Fuckin’ Amateurs.

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