the infinite betley catalogue, part 3: castro – youngmotherfucker

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CASTRO is a solo project of Pablo Mejia from the Dominican Republic, a guy significant to the editor of this blog due to being the founder of Oracle Netlabel (now co-run with Miguel Pérez).  The name is not an homage to the seemingly immortal Cuban (ex-)Head of State.  Instead, Miguel tells me the word was chosen because it is “crude and concise, nothing beyond that!”  and, if that it is the case, then it is most apt indeed.

YOUNGMOTHERFUCKER shares some points of comparison with the Michael Clough stuff and with Peopling‘s self-titled EP, both reviewed below.  Like Clough it uses minimal electronic resources to relentless, rhythmic, percussive effect.  However, like Peopling, these tracks are much shorter – seven in eighteen minutes – and flare with swaggering aggression.

‘Hpstr: Electronic Tap Dancing’ records an arachnid virtuoso deftly prodding and rubbing a giant party balloon.  Then all pretence at delicacy is dismissed by the pile-driving pulse of ‘whateverthefuckiwant’ and its slower companion piece, inevitably titled ‘wheneverthefuckiwantit’.  The pummelling brutality of the latter almost beats itself unconscious, like Ash’s demonically possessed hand smashing plates over his own head

‘Sex Tape Machine’ slaps us back with a crunchy gabba rush before ‘take me to the people in charge’ crashes the car into a white-painted, breeze-block wall of noise.  ‘Kamikaze pizza’ documents the resulting fire – it must have been a battered delivery van driven by a speeding teenager.  The title track then sees the youngmotherfucker drag himself clear of the wreckage, unsure as to whether the throbbing he is feeling and hearing is a result of his injuries or an artefact of the cheap meth he took back in the kitchen.  This finale has the thrilling, balls-out intensity of industrial techno and power electronics – smeared together like the blood, oil, broken glass and extra pepperoni now adorning the ripped black t-shirt of our ‘hero’…

I liked this very much.  Download here.

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