crow versus crow and sheepscar light industrial present petrels, aqua dentata, max bondi, bbblood and ben gaymer live in leeds 15/09/12

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An awesome gig is about to occur here in the beautiful garden city of Leeds.  My advice is: attend.  Apologies for the short notice but it has been widely publicised elsewhere and I’m sure you can rearrange whatever less important thing you had planned…

The incredible line up includes some RFM blog faves and some terrific acts that are, to my shame, new to me.  For a full account of the fun ahead see either the Sheepscar Light Industrial blog or the Crow Versus Crow blog both of which have write-ups and copious links.  See also my views on BBBlood, possibly the best of the new physical-noisers I’ve had the pleasure of encountering, here, here and here.  See also also my review in which the Aqua Dentata album is compared favourably to the best record ever made.

Andy of CvC and Dan of SLI deserve your support for pulling this one out of the bag.  I will definitely be there myself so do say ‘hello’ whether or not we’ve already made acquaintance.  The social side of this event will be good too, I’m sure.  And think of the mouth-watering merch table!  Bring money!

Oh yeah: don’t forget to read/act on that bit about Wharf Chambers membership – it is very easy to sort out and helps them enormously.

Right then – see y’all next Saturday, comrades…

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