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see midwich bandcamp site for new releases, live recordings and lossless digital versions of rarities and prime back catalogue items too.

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midwich – blisterpack


3″ CD-r on Bells Hill, edition of 50 or download. 12 tracks in 18 minutes! Some of the drone I am usually associated with but, in the main, this is a collection of fun, spiky sketches in the mode of the short interludes you’d often find on earlier midwich recordings.  Physical objects are not for sale, instead they are offered up as gifts or in trade.  If you’d like one get in touch with me or Scott (try @scottmckeating). Bandcamp for download.

midwich – the swift

swift tape

Reissue on the essential Invisible City Records of long out of print weird drone epic.  Originally released by famed USA label Altar of Waste.  Edition of 40 tapes or download.  Details here, Bandcamp page here.

midwich – attachments


3 track download featuring ‘studio’ and live versions of the set performed at the RFM 5th Birthday shindig.  Heavy drone and field recording, pure tone meditation.  Details here, download here.

the piss superstition – getting nothing to appear on the developed film

tps front cover

3 track CD-r, 30 minutes, edition of 50 or download.  The annual release from fencing flatworm recordings is now available!  Mysterious, brilliant, peerless.  See here for the write-up and here for the Bandcamp page.

midwich – inertia crocodile

midwich - inertia crocodile

3 track CD-r, 25 minutes, edition of 50 or download.  Clockwork rave choked with dry ice, perversely fleshy, amply lubricated throbs.  ‘Abstract Balearic’ – Dan Thomas, ‘Terry Riley, jamming with the Tuvans’ – Forestpunk.  Write up here.  Reviewed here.  Available from Cherry Row Recordings.  My disco album.

midwich & the skull mask – six angles

six angles - dansix angles - kev

2 track CD-r, 37 minutes, edition of 50 (2 x 25) or download.  Organ drones and guitar shimmer from Mexico’s Miguel Perez layered with midwichian synth and fried in the desert heat.  Write up here.  Co-released in two different sets of packaging by Cherry Row Recordings and hairdryer excommunication.  Awesome project.

midwich – the brunt

the brunt

the brunt is a single 32 minute track of super-concentrated, extraction music loveliness available as a download via Bandcamp for the token minimum sum of one UK pound.  Released as a fundraiser for RFM during lean times at Midwich Mansions.

Bandcamp page

tj cuckoo – vox-object

tj cuckoo - vox-object

3″ CD-r, edition of 15 or freely downloadable.  My interpretation/performance of a text score by RFM fave Yol (first published in The Barrel Nut #5) released by RFM fave Kevin Sanders on his impeccable label hairdryer excommunication.  Write-up here.  hXe blog here.  Bandcamp page here.  TBN #5 here.

tj cuckoo – too tired to eat, too hungry to sleep

tj cuckoo

C10 tape on Matching head.  A father/son collaboration of harsh noise/punishing psychedelics.  No sound samples, no Bandcamp: this is a strictly physical only release.  Contact details for the label can be found on the Matching  Head Discogs page.  Write up here.

midwich – single figures

midwich - single figures - front

Live recordings from new Leeds microlabel Kirkstall Dark Matter.  A chilly Winter companion piece to the Summer heat of eaves.  Write up here.  Reviews here and here.  Download here.

Midwich – Eaves

Download via Sheepscar Light Industrial.  Twenty minutes of bees, sun and gamelan(ish) pulsing.  The midwich Summer single.  Write up here.  Available for nowt here.

Daniel Thomas & Midwich – Twenty-three Taels

Twenty-three Taels by Dan and me is a delicious squelch through a fragrant alien swamp, sparkling with bioluminescence and buzzing with swarms of iridescent insect life.  I love it.  Hear it for yourself at the SLI Bandcamp page.

midwich – cut flowers

CD-r on Memoirs of an Aesthete, edition of 50 or download.

Write up and review here.  Buy physical object for £5 or download for £2 via the Memoirs Bandcamp page here.

midwich – faraday cage

tape, 3 tracks, 44 minutes, Matching Head.

First of the new wave of midwich releases.  Dirtier, noisier and darker than the crystalline, life-affirming fare to be found on other stuff by me.  The three tracks in short: ‘part one: magnets’ is an industrial folk drone, corrosive for a refreshing brain-scouring effect, ‘part two: f4jb’ is a bristling, high voltage asymmetric throb that smells of ozone and ‘part three: feathered machinery’ is a 20 minute epic of digestive rumbling and guttering arc lights.  More details and mp3 clips to be found here.  Contact Lee Stokoe at to sort out paypal and whatnot.

still available

midwich-vs-culver  &  culver-vs-midwich – ii

Two fiercely tape-only releases (no mp3 clips this time, mate) constructed from real tape-loops spliced by my own fair hand and augmented by midwichian drones and culveresque rumblings.  Recorded straddling 2002 and 2003.  Mesmerising and surprisingly contemplative in places despite being proper noise throughout.  See ‘faraday cage’ listing above for details of how to contact Lee Stokoe/Matching Head.

midwich – three days in, four to go

Originally released in 2003 on CD-r in an edition of 75 with a lovely screen printed cover by Carbon Records of Rochester, New York.  One of my favourites of the first-wave midwich albums.  Forward looking, creamy.  ‘snows’ is an orchestra of hairclipper fuzz, the title track is a deeply penetrating 20 minute cardiothrob.  A few of the physical objects are still available direct from Carbon.  Otherwise it can be found for download at the midwich bandcamp site.


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  1. My gosh-ness. you have so much stuff here Rob. How did I miss the midwich vs culver tape…is this an old one?

    • yeah, the collab tapes are midwich v1.0 from 2002 and 2003. I’m sure Lee would oblige you should you ask nicely… R x

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