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February 17, 2018 at 8:48 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

In the light of a few recent enquiries, I thought I should post a reminder: the radiofreemidwich blog is currently semi-dormant and we are no longer accepting submissions for review.  This was previously announced but it seems the information was quickly encrusted and buried.

Due to the intrusion of ‘real life’ the indefatigable Joe Murray has had to turn his attention elsewhere and give up his editorial/lead writer role.  I also remain unable to step back into the job.  As such, the team voted to scale back operations, give up on the idea of a schedule and commit to nothing more than the occasional post when something sufficiently tickles our fancy.  Thus we cannot accept freebies in good faith and the existing ‘review pile’ has been quietly dissolved.  Apologies to those whose worthy releases were sat on it.

Whilst we sleep fitfully in the cyclopean, non-euclidean palaces of our sunken city you intrepid explorers should TAKE HEART and PUSH ON.  The no-audience underground continues to thrive – as the half a million words below attest.

All is love,

Rob H


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  1. I posted it on our Facebook page. cheers, Sarah Sarah GatterSpecialist Study Skills TutorBA (Hons) MA QTLS ATS (SpLD) Dyslexia Mobile: 07837075649 Sonic Explorer & Visual Artist

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