acting out ‘rain’: joe and dulcie murray on duplo chat, kek-w

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Duplo Chat – 5th July 2016 (tape, possibly on Cardboard Club?)

Duplo Chat – Duplo Chat (tape and A5 artzine, Moon Mist Music, edition of 30)

KEK-W – “Three-Inch Improv” (3” CD-r, 19F3, edition of 9)


Duplo Chat – 5th July 2016

It’s the Summer Holidays [Editor’s note: well, it was when Joe submitted this article – such is the painstaking editorial process here at RFM] and the perfect way to avoid the blistering sun, thrashing hail or apocalyptic floods is to stay in and review tapes with the kids.  This time Dulcie, our youngest, takes the helm and listens to two new mysterious Duplo Chat releases.

Over to you Dulcie…

It sounds like something trying to escape from inside a box, in the middle of the wind. It’s a croaky old machine, rusted up and about to malfunction.  A tired robot tap-dancer is on their coffee break.  The wooden spoon hits against the side of a porridge pot.

We turn the tape over and…

It’s a person acting out ‘rain’, a broken wooden flute.  Static on a TV with no signal.  A deep voice booms from within a mask.  It’s shovelling up snow and then scratching the spade against the concrete beneath or drawing with chalk a small pattern or jagged shape (bump not cobbled); a donkey pulls a cart full of apples.

What do you think of the packaging?

Errr… it’s like something that you’ve found in the bottom of a shopping trolley.  It looks icky.

What do I say?  Startled guitar and dry tape noise in a dimebag.  File under ‘skink-musik’.


Duplo Chat – Duplo Chat

We use the same approach on this slightly longer tape that bears all the hallmarks of our Robert Ridley-Shackleton (but… fingers on lips, shhhhh).

Our survey says…

This time I hear a frog with a person in its throat… making cookies; a sad elephant crying about losing its family in the Metro Centre.  Now it’s slowed down applause (from the 90’s), a phone turning on… an android heart-attack.  This sounds like rewinding an old movie… a DVD glitching out.  A clown squeezing their big, red nose or Darth Vader whinging.

What do you think of the zine Dulcie?

Oh great… orange is my favourite colour.  It looks like teabags have been pushed onto a glass table and you’re looking at them from underneath.

What do I say?  She’s damn right and on the money!

Go Duplo!


KEK-W – “Three-Inch Improv”

A delicious DIY release from the heart of rural England and the mind of the mighty Kek-W.

Across the 10 short tracks Kek engages dark electronics, FX-heavy syrup and static-spitting instruments.  It’s a trip, man, but who cares what I think?  Bring on the child labour and zero-hours contracts.  Dulcie whispers to me…

Sounds like a falling star, sleeping sparkles just keep coming and form rainbow rain. // A pet band!  The cat’s on the fiddle and the dog’s on the drums.  // Electro Adams Family but scary …something weird is going on.  I hear chanting.  // Bassy beatz are suspenseful with tiny wailing, or sucking spit through your teeth. // A happy bee goes to work on the train. // Chugging pins. // Space disaster movie with slow trombones. // Wrenching open a bag of manure. // A dying bag of rocks.

This tasty disc comes in an old-fashioned wage-packet including yellow n’ black micro-art piece, an homage to Stryper?


Cardboard Club

Moon Mist Music


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