writing on drugs about not writing on drugs

July 13, 2015 at 3:29 pm | Posted in musings, not bloody music | 2 Comments


Long story short: The year began with a minor dip in my mental health coinciding with a virus caught at work.  An unbroken four months of further physical illnesses caused a deepening of my depression and a strengthening of the accompanying anxiety.  As a result I have been ill for the whole of 20-fucking-15 so far and have been off work for weeks.

The latest stroke of bad luck is that a new medication I have been prescribed alongside my existing pharmaceutical regime has left me unhelpfully zonked.  Appointments to discuss results/dosage/alternatives are in the offing but in the meantime my brain is as worryingly hot as an off-brand ‘phone charger.  Luckily there is nothing in it to catch fire.  Seriously, you know that overclocked, whining noise that a car reversing uphill makes?  That’s my current waking experience.

The upshot is that I am not writing and the output of this blog will slow.  Apologies to all concerned.  More from my comrades will follow as and when I get around to formatting it, but I’m sitting out for a while.

For any new readers visiting due to the mention in Ashtray Navigations/Yorkshire Psych articles in The Wire I’d recommend looking at the ‘about us…’ page then reading down through the last few review pieces to the article on what I mean by the term ‘no-audience underground’.  That should give y’all the flavour.

I’ll still be larking about on Twitter and all emails are answered eventually.

With love, Rob H x




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  1. What you apologising for? Cheering you on from Cleck as always.

  2. Ah, politeness costs nowt and the elite readership of this blog likes to be kept posted (I think). Thanks for the support Mark – much appreciated as ever. R x

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