position filled: three new writers join radiofreemidwich

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The review pile yesterday, time to get to work...

The review pile yesterday, time to get to work…

Comrades!  Further to the ‘situation vacant’ post immediately below, I am delighted to announce that not one, not two but three new writers have joined Radio Free Midwich today: Sophie Cooper, Chrissie Caulfield and Marlo Eggplant.

Given three immediate and appropriate expressions of interest I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get all these voices on board.  It also levels the gender balance here in one graceful movement and consigns all sexism and misogyny to the dustbin of history!  Wait, what?  It doesn’t?  Oh, for fucks sake… Well, it’s a step in the right direction I hope…

Our new contributors are compelling and original musicians themselves and between them have a (rather daunting, awe inspiring) wealth of hands-on experience in getting creative things done.  Just click on the links above or a spend a few minutes with Google.  Basically, I can’t believe my luck.

So, before anyone gets cold feet, let me officially announce that RFM is now Sof, Chrissie, Marlo, Luke, Joe and me.  There: carved into stone, no way out now.  Hopefully this will mean that the range of music covered here can be widened and deepened but without losing our focus on the unheralded edges of noise and experimental music.  I’m so stoked by this I’m going to buy a van and paint it with psychedelic patterns so we can drive around in the Summer months solving noise-mysteries.  Luke will have to dress as a dog, of course.

OK, no need for any more now.  We’ll see how this pans out over the next few months.

Exciting times!


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