seasons greetings from all at radiofreemidwich

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xmas yolble

Ladies and gentlemen, the staff at Radio Free Midwich would like to thank you for your kind attention during 2014 and wish you the very best for the festive season and the New Year beyond. It has been an absolute pleasure, as ever. I’ll use the preamble to the coming Zellaby Awards to go into detail, but for now just one more paragraph of reflection:

To be transported by a work of art – to be lifted from yourself, your surroundings and placed elsewhere for the duration – is a profound experience and, as someone who has trouble with self-sabotaging mental illness, one that I greatly appreciate. Catch me right and the bus to work is swapped for a magic carpet skimming the treetops. Find me in a susceptible mood and waiting at a pedestrian crossing becomes standing at the bedside of an elderly relative, brimful with a mixture of love and trepidation. Listening to music pans the muddy water sloshing inside my head, nuggets of gold and squirming, glistening creatures are uncovered. It – thus: you – is a constant source of revelation, of insight and of inspiration. Despite all my pretensions of being a ‘writer’ I can’t even get close to how much it matters to me.  When I say ‘thank you’ this is what I am trying to convey.

So: thank you.

…hang on a second, there’s something in my eye…

<moment taken, eggnog quaffed, composure regained>

…OK, so that’s the last from me until the awards show. Articles from Luke and/or Scott and/or Joe may illuminate the null week between celebrations so please call again should you have eaten too much and need a breath of fresh air.

With love,

Rob, Joe, Scott, Luke

twinkle power

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