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August 1, 2014 at 7:41 am | Posted in blog info | 2 Comments
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twitter crab

After years of stalling, I finally caved in and set up a Twitter account.  This was for two main reasons.

Firstly, I often found myself on Twitter anyway – nose pressed against the glass, shamelessly vanity searching and/or asking comrades to tweet on my behalf.

Secondly, I’ve had a few requests recently to plug gigs and the like.  I’ve said ‘no’ because this blog isn’t really a news service – I see it as a flow of opinion on (almost exclusively) recorded music.  That said, I’d like to do my bit and Twitter seems like the place to take it.

So, I won’t be on it that much.  I don’t have time or the kit to do it proper justice (my phone is cheap and built to withstand its use by my son in his Yol tribute act – smart it is not) but will blurt tweets whenever possible.  Many thanks to those who welcomed me to the cult last night and who were gathering around the RFM crab (above) before I even finished setting everything up.

Apologies to Scott who suggested something like this months ago and got a high-handed dismissal from me for his trouble:

Nah, I’m not into that kind of thing.

Hmmm… turns out that I am.

Here’s the profile and I can be found @radiomidwich.  I’ll work out how to put buttons on this site and whatnot in due course.




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  1. Oh joy Rob – been on it for about twenty years and never got out of double figures – yr on it for twenty minutes and already yr in the hundreds !!!! – well done !!!! – but now that yr in Russell Brand territory it does mean automatic expulsion from the No Audience Underground – love the blog as always – Simon PP x x

  2. Hey Simon – great to hear from you as always! I’m only doing it to annoy my friend and work colleague Hil who has 106 followers. I’ll block you all once I get past her total ;-). Anyway, my follower total is *dwarfed* by some other no-audience bods so I’m guessing there must be some kind of pass for Twittering… R xxx

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