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midwich – the brunt (self-released download)

the brunt

Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to announce the surprise release of a new album by RFM house band midwich.  the brunt is a single 32 minute track of super-concentrated loveliness available as a download via Bandcamp for the token minimum sum of one UK pound.

The plan was to record some old skool, midwichian maxi-minimalism – y’know all cool and pure with subtle nuances gently pulled to and fro – but the edges started to fray and the end result is, I hope, entertainingly shaggy.  Loops started munching on their own tails, some tones started lathering up a froth as they agitated against one another, oddities started emerging from the low-end – it’s extraction music, basically, existing somewhere between drone and noise.

The more astute reader will have noticed that, unlike the rest of my Bandcamp catalogue, there is an obligatory charge for this one.  My apologies but times are hard at Midwich Mansions.  Due to a few breathtaking and unexpected bills and the continuing cost of childcare (apparently, alas, we are not allowed to just put the kid in a box in the cellar when we go out) the gap between our incomings and outgoings is as thin as the porcelain-skinned girlfriend of a European power-electronics artist.  Thus although this ‘hobby’ doesn’t cost me much it would be nice if it could be made self-sufficient.  Your enforced donation of a quid (at least – feel free to give more) will be spent on blog-hosting fees, or stamps for posting out The Barrel Nut, or Bandcamp downloads etc. thus keeping the machinery of RFM serviced and well oiled.

Thanks to all – I hope you dig it.

the brunt by midwich on Bandcamp

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