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my lawyers listening to lsr

Last week I spent an enjoyable afternoon chatting with Tom Bench (of the wonderful Leeds University Union Music Library) and Pascal Ansell (of Panelak, Angurosakuson etc. – he’s a representative of the noise-tigger vanguard). They settled on the rug by the fire as I dozed in my wing-backed leather chair following a fine lunch. Tom tugged gently on the arm of my blazer and, as I woke, asked me for my thoughts on a fascinating series of noise related subjects. I was happy to hold forth. Pascal piped up on occasion too – I almost had him thrashed by my manservant for the impertinence of interrupting – but the scamp is so lovable that I just ruffled his hair and smiled indulgently as he babbled on. The folly of youth, eh?

To my surprise it turns out that Tom secretly recorded the conversation and has broadcast edited highlights, complete with illustrative musical excerpts, on Leeds Student Radio as this week’s edition of the hour hosted by UML (Monday 10-11pm). My lawyers and I listened closely on the night but were so impressed that we aren’t even going to ask for punitive damages when we launch legal proceedings against the boy! I’m surprised that any of Pascal’s contribution made the edit but I suppose that, like a dog that can bark the national anthem, it has a certain nonsensical charm.


Jesting aside, this was great fun to do and I’m very happy with how it turned out. Many thanks to Pascal for being an enthusiastic sparring partner and to Tom for the terrific editing job and for having the imagination to set it up. As well as our chatter the programme features music from midwich, Astral Social Club, Mel O’Dubhslaine, foldhead, Sophie Cooper, Yol (!) and much more besides. Well worth your time.

If you missed it you can download here.


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  1. Entertaining as hell!!! I enjoyed the ride quite a lot!! Rob, is about time you ask for a position as the noise lecturer in the Leeds University!

    • Cheers Miguel – glad you liked it! Should the post of Lecturer in Noise be advertised, I might apply… Too much like work for me though ;-). R x

  2. This was a great listening. Haven’t been following the noise scene for a while so was good to find what’s going on these days. ‘The Barrel Nut’ was mentioned in this new weirdo occult magazine ‘Noness’ that can be downloaded here:

    • Hey ORBE, thanks for commenting (and for the email you sent a while ago – sorry for not replying sooner) and glad you enjoyed it. Thanks also for for the mention of TBN. I shall be printing out the pdf to read through one coming sunny lunchtime. I suspect that the ‘Nobody’s Business’ blog will appeal to a lot of RFM’s readers too… With love, Rob x

  3. It occurred to me as I listened (at work, at night, so you’ll forgive me if you actually made this point) that one could read the tag ‘no-audience’ as being a positive thing, in the sense that everyone PARTICIPATES -there is literally no audience, only the ‘scene’ itself – though porous-anyone can join
    Did that make sense?

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