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COLECTIVO N  – LA ULTIMA TOCADA (download, Oracle Netlabel, ORE95)

Colectivo N – En El Polvo De Lo Que Soy (download, Oracle Netlabel, ORE94)

COLECTIVO N – Chinwuindin (download, Oracle Netlabel, ORE91)

Colectivo N – Comando Anti Snob (download, Oracle Netlabel, ORE93)

colectivo n - comando anti snob


Radio Free Midwich favourite Miguel Perez plays guitar with his compatriot Gerado Picho on trumpet, voice and objects to make up the anti-everything, super no-fi, Mexican duo – Colectivo N.  This 15 minute piece is launched through Miguel’s net-label Oracle and sounds like a real seat-of-the-pants recording.  Captured in the moment and jammed round a single mic this lets the breeze blow and cars honk by as Miguel pummels an acoustic guitar with abandon.  Picho adds un-tutored, rusty trumpet and the occasional dark curse on ‘La Del Estribo’.  The spirit of freedom descends and we are in a total group-mind situation where to pause is to invite death.  The relentless cackle of unconscious sound never batters, but fills up the empty brain cells we don’t bother to use when walking about, watching TV or talking to work colleagues.  I feel full up of fluffy sound…like I’ve snorted a tremendous Yorkshire Pudding.  This is not what Herb Albert meant to uncover when he travelled to Tijuana.

Download here.

En El Polvo De Lo Que Soy

Anything subtitled ‘Free Improv Scum’ gets me all excited so it’s with relish I plug in the headphones to check this short 3 track release out.  ‘0’ starts with an almost grindcore bass riff that descends into ham-fisted poking and prodding as some Mexican radio starts up delivering a speech or something.  The occasional shard of sheet-metal-crash lends an early Sonic Youth vibe – Halloween, that kind of era.  ‘1’ and ‘2’ continue the spookiness with more bass noodle and that fucked up trumpet honking in my left ear like the devil’s own goose on my shoulder until a steel water tower collapses in the right ear.

Download here.


A guitar battle in Hell!  Track one ‘Chinwuindin’ captures that kind of ‘hunched over the amps lost in a world of electricity and noise’ that The Dead C and Ascension reach for.  This lurches between avalanche scree, metal fingerings and Skullflower soaring with no one style being settled on for long.  This is all about the experience of playing and the experience of listening.  There’s nothing but to strap yourself in and enjoy the ride…for 50 god damn minutes.

Track two, a session recorded in February 2013, continues the free-for-all quality but transfers it to twin acoustic guitars.  With little of the volume and none of the dramatic effects this is an altogether different listen.  Steel is tangled and wound up tight; notes and lighting fast runs are knotted up and playfully unravelled.  While ‘Chinwuindin’ is a smeared Gehard Richter this is a medieval woodcut; painstaking slivers are carefully chiselled and removed leaving a diabolical image in the wake.  My favourite part is the scratchy-scratchy wood knocking at about 9 mins in that comes across all Ken Mikami in it’s glorious outsiderness.  Yeah man YEAH.

Be warned…this has fairly dodgy cover art that Miguel explains through the link below.

Download here.

Comando Anti Snob

This has a multi-purpose approach like a lost compilation tape from the late 1980’s UK/USA/Japanese tape scene.  Each of the nine tracks seems to invoke a different underground mood – that Colectivo N can certainly shuffle!

Parts remind me of Cock ESP or something – relentlessly heavy; probably played on guitars but things sound more like the nightmare of a giant robot (Ted Hughes’s Iron Man?) sweating nuts and bolts as big as cobble stones.  Other tracks are an A-band hoot-a-long with Bagpuss organ and unrelated wooden fumbles.  Then you’ve got ‘metal’ jamming in miniature like the garage-band next door before the drummer turns up.  The between-track fuck about of groups like the Thinking Fellas Union Local 282 raises a head to cleanse the palette before another lurch into  K2-style classic noise ‘WHHHOOOAARRRRRRRR’ and the unmistakable sound of sponges vomiting.  I almost choke on my tea when I hear some spindly guitar whacking and I’m taken back into memories of I’m Being Good or Evil Barons lumping about…twanging like surf music just ran bone dry (on the desert shimmering,  13 min piece ‘IV’).  The Anti Snob record ends with the kind of dada-junk-spew Prick Decay lunch on.  This tasty morsel is swallowed whole oyster style with klunks and strangulated pipes.

All of these releases are free to download from Miguel’s Internet Archive pages.  Not sure where to start Midwichers?  May I recommend this here Comando Anti Snob available on the handy link below…it’s a belter.

Download here.

Colectivo N on YouTube, and again here.

Oracle Netlabel.


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  1. Gerardo “Picho” says thanks a lot for this guys!….we both are so amazed and psyched that our little “band” is getting this attention!….COLECTIVO N in for the Nihilist Mexican Assault Tour someday in the UK for all of you to shake hands and shake the brews (or the tea ) or whatever drink of preference! CHEERS!!!

  2. Heh, heh – looking forward to it comrade! Love, R x

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