the barrel nut #4: punk rock, richard gere, vegetarian black pudding

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The Barrel Nut issue 4 cover

Ladies and gentlemen,  RFM is delighted to announce the publication of the fourth issue of the North’s cutest noise/art microzine: The Barrel Nut.  This latest number has something of a theme as most (all?) of the contributions were created semi-automatically during blank or stolen time.  ‘Doodles’ I believe they are called.  Hence the dense, cartoony feel created by the scrawling ids of RFM’s own Joe Murray (Posset), Pete Cann (Half an Abortion) and Dr Adolf Steg (Spon) and the wry list of work distractions admitted to by Mark Ritchie (Hiroshima Yeah!) in the poem that closes the issue.

Coincidentally, the latest issue of Spon, Steg’s alternate-world-describing zine/mail art project, is titled ‘#35: The Doodle Issue’ and comprises many more fully worked up examples of his febrile, scatological and multi-dimensional imagination.  Thus I’ve taken the liberty of twinning the two publications.  Please consider TBN#4 to be a vestigial outgrowth sprouting from the side of Steg’s more substantial mutant offspring.  Contact him to get on his mailing list.

For those coming to this raw, a microzine is a single sided, single sheet of A4 paper cleverly folded to make an eight panel, A7 pamphlet.  Paper copies will be distributed to anyone who wants one, or who has expressed an interest in the past.  I’ll bring some to any gigs I attend and a bunch will be passed around by those with a similar love of the post.

Should you wish to get all 21st Century about it then you are very welcome to print out and create your own.  It’s well DIY-techno-punk, innit?  Links to the latest issue in jpg and pdf formats (in full colour!) are below.  Assembly instructions and previous issues also in downloadable formats can be found on the Nut’s own page (also tabbed above).

Should you wish to contribute artwork then I would be very grateful indeed.  Submissions need to look OK when reproduced as a black and white photocopy and be 7cm by 10cm in size (or scalable to roughly those dimensions).  Good quality scans attached to an email are fine, originals sent in the post ideal.  Get in touch.

The Barrel Nut #4 as a jpg

The Barrel Nut #4 as a pdf

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