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September 30, 2013 at 8:16 pm | Posted in blog info | 2 Comments
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Ladies and Gentlemen, RFM is delighted to announce this blog has now garnered over 50,000 hits, making it one of the top visitor attractions in the no-audience underground.  We are still lagging behind Julian Bradley’s topiary animal garden but, after that dead pigeon was found in their pretzel mix, we have leapfrogged Hull’s ‘Magical Kingdom of Yol’ theme park.  Get in!

For some reason it appears to be taboo to talk about ‘stats’ so openly.  Like discussing your salary or, unless you are in a GP’s surgery or an advert on daytime television, the consistency of your own shit.  Still, I suspect some of you might be interested in mapping the scope of this micro-empire so here goes.

The monthly average here at RFM is currently 1800-1900 hits, thus making the daily average 60+.  A good day is over 100, popular or ‘controversial’ posts or a Zellaby Awards day might see 200.  The number of unique visitors is around half that so, oddly, each of you tends to make on average two visits a day.  Why is that, eh?  You weirdos.  There have been 320 posts over the four years of RFMs existence (which is a lot more than one a week – I have no idea how I’ve managed that), provoking 294 comments, half of which are by me saying ‘hey, thanks for your comment’.  Aside from enough text to swallow a volume of Game of Thrones, RFM also contains 1018 files – about four fifths images, the rest audio, all freely available.  Aren’t we good to you?

Anecdotally, I understand that a glowing review on RFM can generate as many as two or three sales (thus making it far more lucrative than advertising in The Wire), possibly an offer of trade and, almost certainly, an enthusiastic email from Miguel Perez (ha! MeGaLoLz! Hi Miguel!).  Luckily none of us are in it for the money.  More important are the connections, collaborations and friendships that have been formed following links found here.  About two-thirds of releases submitted get reviewed eventually and turnaround time can be anything from 24 hours to three months due to the arcane and impenetrable rule book governing the mysterious queuing system.

God knows how many hours have been dedicated to the maintenance of this crazy project but it is never a chore.  If you ever hear me complaining, ignore me: I love it.  My heartfelt thanks to the amazing community that makes it possible. Joe, Scott and I are proud to do our bit in documenting all this effort.


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  1. Well Rob I think that some kind of CONGRATULATIONS are long overdue here and if everyone in the northern noisy scene is too shy to comment then here’s someone from the southern softy-easy-listening scene to do the saying-Congratulations bit – about forty-nine and a half thousand of those visits have been from me – so now yr in the big time,if you are thinking of running any adverts or going commercial in any way feel free to give me a cut – all best & well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cheers Simon – much appreciated – I hope you, Pippa and your farmyard are as well as can be hoped. With love, Rob H x

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