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  1. A strong reaction which makes me want to hear this new stuff even more. You should work in sales x

    • Yeah, a strong reaction, good or bad, always preferable to an indifferent one. Squeegee is available as a free download over at the SLI Bandcamp site so no excuse not to check it out for yourself. The 7″ is a lovely object that could, say, be made into an attractive clock or placemat… 😉 R x

  2. “cheese grater to your soul”

    • Hey trensmat – perhaps not the review you were wanting/expecting but glad to amuse… As has already been pointed out: no such thing as bad publicity. Might not be for me but I’m still glad to see this has sold out at source. R x

      • cheers for listening and caring enough to express it well.. took a bit for the release page.

  3. Hi there,

    Saw this review and wondered what you make of this:


    Declan Ranulph Randolph Owen


    • Hey Declan, cheers for the link. Downloaded and on my mp3 player. Will comment when it has bubbled to the top of the queue. R x

  4. Feel free to give an entirely honest opinion of our LP I passed onto you too – it really is better to read a passionate and negative review than a half-hearted and phoned-in good review. For what it’s worth, I love this Astral Social Club style and think side one of this album is especially great. I disliked most of the Vibracathedral output myself.

  5. Hey Rob – good piece – agree with everything my namesake says above – don’t worry about negative reviews saying more about the reviewer than the reviewed – so often the reviewer is much more interesting than the reviewee – as for Electric Yep, I think it’s really good, nearly an Album Of The Year – maybe the Glitterband stomping is a bit basic but good simple beating never did the Beatles or Tamla Motown any harm – Simonpyongyangy – x

  6. Hey Simons, good to hear from you both – cheers for commenting. I had plenty of remarks along the same lines from people in person at the Vibra show yesterday. The point made by you both and by Sophie above about passion being the key thing is giving me pause for thought. Still don’t like the album though – I just swapped it for a Castrato Attack Group CD-r with Mel to give it a second chance at love… R x

  7. Another 2 jams with Mr Astral that has no melting plastic in sight, may even have a smidgeon of gentle psychedelia


    Sunrise Infinity Thug Rework


    Declan R. Toejam

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