the barrel nut strikes back: #2 hot off the/your press!

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The Barrel Nut issue 2 cover

Ladies and gentlemen, Radio Free Midwich is happy to announce the arrival of the second issue of The Barrel Nut microzine.  I was delighted by the level of interest shown in the first issue of this humble project and would like to thank those who have contributed or have promised to do so in the future.

For those coming late to the party: The Barrel Nut is a monthlyish publication comprising one single-sided sheet of A4, cleverly folded into an A7 booklet (the scan above is much larger than life), featuring artwork by prominent members of the no-audience underground.  It is officially ‘well cute’ according to Northern Pamphlet Compiler magazine and has been verified as ‘awesome’ by the UK Fanzine Council.

Paper copies can be had from me, or from certain select outlets, or can be printed out by visitors to this blog.  Instructions on how to contribute, how to subscribe and how to assemble self-printed copies can all be found on The Barrel Nut page which is tabbed above.  The latter option has proved very popular – ‘salt and shake’ fanzines are clearly the future…

The second issue contains more line drawing and another performance score by Yol, some great upset typography (letraset jazz?) from RFM staffer and dictaphonic maestro Joe Murray of Posset, plus bonkers collage from Leeds noisters The Truth About Frank and Mark Ritchie of Hiroshima Yeah!  See for yourself:

The Barrel Nut issue #2 as a pdf file

The Barrel Nut Issue #2 as a jpeg file

Contributions to future issues very welcome.  No excuses ‘cos it is only tiny – lick your nib and get on with it!

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