‘art by noise’: radiofreemidwich presents ‘the barrel nut’ microzine

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The Barrel Nut issue 1 cover

Hey people!  Radio Free Midwich is proud to present the first issue of The Barrel Nut microzine.

Having been inspired by various small press, ‘artist book’ and zine(ish) activities, I have decided to create a little something on paper myself.  Keeping it as simple as possible, each issue will be one single sided sheet of A4 paper folded into an A7, 8-panel microzine (picture above is way larger than life).  The six internal pages will be filled with contributions invited from stalwarts of the no-audience underground and other affiliated parties, hence the clever tag-line: ‘art by noise’.  Cool, eh?  The intention is to produce issues on a monthly(ish) basis but we’ll see how that goes.  Physical copies will be created to pass on to contributors, leave in gig venues and give to distros/zines to send out with their orders/correspondence.  Subscriptions available.  I will also put up a pdf and jpeg of each issue on RFM so anyone can print out their own (see below for Blue-Peter-style assembly instructions).

Why am I doing this?  Well, this kind of thing is a lot of fun to put together and reminds me of happy hours spent making small-press comics in my teens.  I’m also into the idea of showcasing the graphic talents of this pool of artists – perhaps an underrated aspect of our endeavour.  Links will be given on the back page, so picking this up might encourage the curious to check out a Bandcamp site or whatnot too.

The first issue starts strong with artwork from Stephen Woolley of Joined By Wire, Dex Wright of Tape Noise, Yol of, err…, Yol and, *ahem*, Rob Hayler of midwich.  More line drawings and typewriten text (intended as scores for performance – ‘like La Monte Young with ADHD’) to come from Yol.  Some great upset typography from RFM staffer and dictaphonic maestro Joe Murray to look forward to in future issues.


A UK subscription can be had in return for stamps or trade – enquiries welcome.  Due to silly postal prices I suggest overseas readers follow the instructions for creating their own copies.


Contributions of artwork welcome.  It can be anything you like but should a) reproduce OK as a black and white photocopy and b) be 7cm by 10cm (which ain’t big).  Anyone can submit as many pages as they like – I’ll juggle ’em up.  Originals posted to Midwich Mansions preferred but good quality scans attached to an email also fine.

Issues in digital format

The Barrel Nut issue #1 as a pdf file

The Barrel Nut Issue #1 as a jpeg file

Assembly instructions

Should you wish to construct your own copy of The Barrel Nut you will need the following: a print out of one of the files above and a craft knife or pair of scissors.

tbn assembly 1

Don’t be intimidated by the incredible fanzine creator kit in the photo above – I’m a professional.  First fold in half like this:

tbn assembly 2

Then in half lengthways too:

tbn assembly 3

Then open out and fold the ends in to meet the middle like this:

tbn assembly 4

Open it out again and use your sharp instrument to cut along the long fold in-between where the two middle segments of each side meet (indicated by ruler, blade point placement):

tbn assembly 5

Fold over along the long fold with the artwork facing outwards:

tbn assembly 6

This is the spatial awareness stretching bit.  Fiddle with it and refold a couple of lines until it looks like this:

tbn assembly 7

Then squash into booklet form thus:

tbn assembly 8

…and you are done.  Peruse, enjoy then get to work on your contribution or, now you know how it is done, rival publication.

tbn assembly 9


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  1. What a great way to end the hard work week to have this little piece adorning my desk today! good work guys!!!

    • Heh, heh – glad to hear that printing it out and following my instructions works! R x

  2. great idea Rob x

    • Cheers Luke – feel free to contribute something. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at how a single sheet of A4 paper has amused so many already… R x

  3. you know what I might just do that x

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