what does a dollar buy you nowadays, eh?

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Union Pole cassettes: UP01 – UP76

inca eyeball on union pole

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to draw your attention to something remarkable.

Jeffrey Fuccillo of legendary 1990s tape label Union Pole has made its back catalogue available to download.  Nowt noteworthy there, you might think, such is the way of the world nowadays.  The kick in the head is that digital versions of all 76 tapes can be had for the minimum payment of ONE DOLLAR!  To clarify: that’s not one dollar each, I mean one dollar in total for the LOT.  Somehow this is more exciting than the files being free.  Despite doing it all the time, I still feel a little shamed by putting ‘0’ in the ‘name your price’ box on Bandcamp and downloading stuff from sites like mediafire is a sordid, unsatisfactory business.  Make it a dollar, however, and it becomes a delightful bargain that everyone can enjoy.  I paid five – what the hell, eh?

Am I going to review it all? Am I bollocks (Scott?  Joe?  Fancy it?  I’m joking…).  I doubt I’ll even listen to it all, to be honest, but I am salivating at the thought of some of the dishes served at this feast.  There are tapes by ‘big’ names like Jackie-O Motherfucker and Trumans Water, vintage releases by Neil Campbell, Expose Your Eyes and Ashtray Navigations, more Phil Todd related oddities such as Inca Eyeball (with the inimitable Joincey), Dogliveroil and Dancing Test Tubes and other old favourites from back in the day such as  Cock ESP, Prick Decay and other acts with, er…, non-penis related names.

I  realise that the social networking world has already been a-twitter with news of this largesse, but for the other slow-pokes like me out there: consider yourselves told.

Union Pole


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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this one Rob!!!! I always wanted the BLOWHOLE tape Explicit Catharsis !!! thanks a lot!

    • My pleasure, man. Loads of great stuff – gonna walk home listening to Expose Your Eyes this evening… R x

  2. one down, seventy-five to go… ‘the legend of ross’ was a cracking introduction…

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