first impressions: kevin and karl play pretty for baby

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Kevin Sanders – Singing (etcetera) in a hallway for baby (tape/download, hairdryer excommunication)

KMVW & PTLS – split (2 x 3” CD-r/download, hairdryer excommunication)

Singing frontSinging backKMVW and PTLS

Amongst the tributes paid to the birth of our son, I was particularly touched and delighted that Kev Sanders, best known ’round here as blog fave act Petals, dedicated a recording to him. The ol’ smoothie did the same for Seth and Sara on the arrival of Beatrice last year too.


Anyway, as it was created in his honour, I thought I’d let him review it. Here is Thomas’s initial reaction:

first impressions

I see what he means – it is very odd indeed.  Here’s how he was at the end, having dressed for dinner with it on in the background:


A success, I’m sure you’ll agree. Download it for the amusement of your whole family here.

On a roll, I decided to try him on the Karl MV Waugh (him of The Zero Map) and Petals split too and, to my sleep-deprived surprise, I think I heard him say the following:

Finest quality aural cartography of the neurotic mindscape and a cracking object to boot.  Double 3″ CD-r is truly the format of champions and to mount it in a 7″ single sleeve is magical. All should be rushing to acquire one of these, or, if it proves no longer available, gratefully accepting a free download in consolation.

Remarkable – I couldn’t agree more. Then he filled his nappy with something the colour and consistency of korma paste and the listening session was brought to a hurried close. To get your copy see here.

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