fencing flatworm recordings presents: neck vs. throat volume 2

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NECK VS. THROAT volume 2

(3″ CD-r mounted in booklet, fencing flatworm recordings, edition of 50)

neck vs throat volume 2nvtv2 cavalry chargenvtv2 battlefield

Ladies and gentlemen, Radio Free Midwich is delighted to announce the reanimation of the influential and fondly remembered microlabel fencing flatworm recordings.  This endeavour, which I co-ran with comrade Sean Keeble back at the turn of the century (defunct original website archived here, an account of our exploits here), has been jolted back into life for the one-off release pictured above.

Following their success at the Zellaby Awards, where the first NECK VS. THROAT CD-r scooped Album of the Year, I offered to help with the second release.  It seemed like a sensible use of the customary prize money (hey, £20 goes a long way down here) and since the self-released Midwich/Skull Mask split last year I’ve been itching to get the craft knife and cutting mat out again…

So what we have here is an A6 sized booklet with grey card cover and eight internal pages all featuring either Yol’s lyrics or amazing Saul-Bass-of-Skid-Row graphics.  His stark, monochrome cut-outs and sketches mirror the content and fit the format perfectly.  A 3″ CD-r contained in a plastic wallet is mounted on the inside back cover.  It is a very cool object: minimal yet substantial, the clean design restraining the frothing craziness of its contents.  Hand-constructed in a numbered edition of 50.

On the CD-r you will find five remarkable tracks, totalling 13 spittle-flecked minutes.  Perhaps I should back up a little here and describe the sound for the benefit of newcomers.  The transatlantic duo of Miguel Pérez (“guitar neck, electricity, string damage” – Ciudad Juárez, Mexico) and Yol (“throat, discarded objects” – Hull, UK) hammer out a unique racket.  Having found each other via radiofreemidwich’s matchmaking service they used the magic of the internet to swap audio files – improvising along on first listen in order to keep the feel fresh and immediate.  It’s as raw, salty and appallingly delicious as an oyster that twitches when you squeeze lemon juice on it.  Forgive me the indulgence of quoting myself from a previous review:

Yol’s … vocalisations range from the almost conversational to horrifying bellowing to teeth-clenched groaning.  It is remarkable – unlike anything else I’ve been sent.  His utter commitment to the physicality of the performance is awesome.  Scraping, crashing, the dropping of metal objects augment and divide the stuttering tirade, like punctuation.

Miguel’s style here is similar to that on recent recordings released under his own name.  No effects, no overdubs, rarely even sustain, hard picked, unforgiving in its discipline yet nuanced, subtle and compelling.  There is no ornament to it because none is needed.

The collaboration is a success, meaning the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Miguel underscores the rhythms and cadence of Yol’s glossolalia.  Yol’s furious delivery both bounces off of and is contained by Miguel’s guitar, like the steel ball bearing on a pinball table.

…sentiments that remain accurate and appropriate with regard to volume 2.  An mp3 of the first track, ‘meaningless fence’, can be downloaded here to give you a taste.  We are unapologetic about the brutality of the recording.

EDIT: no copies left here at Midwich Mansions!  The artists were sent half the run between them so I’m sure they would be glad to hear from you should you wish to discuss fair exchange.  Yol may even have some left when he plays in Leeds at Pete Cann’s Crater Lake Festival in March (an unmissable gig that, sadly, I will be missing).  Contact Yol: yol1971@hotmail.co.uk, contact Miguel: lamancha@rocketmail.com.  We may make it available to download sometime in the future.  Thank you all for the gratifying interest in this release.


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  1. Thanks Rob! hope this can lead a full on resurrection of the FFR endeavour!….its an honour! thanks!!!!

  2. heh, heh – cheers Miguel – I don’t know if I have the energy for that but we’ll see how it goes! 😉 R x

  3. looking lovely…

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