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  1. Thanks Rob! I shall humbly accept your award, and kind words, with the caveat that I can immediately give special thanks to both you and Dave, who I consider to be my secret partners in all things SLI related: thanks for your friendship and support.

    Then, I would like to thank everyone else who has played their part in making 2012 a really cracking year. So, thanks to all the lovely people who have contributed to and supported any of the endeavours I have been involved with this year.

  2. flattered to be in such esteemed company, some worthy winners and very modest of you not to include your own eaves which was marvellous. Happy New year

  3. I feel all warm downstairs knowing that a disc on my label came in at no.5

  4. thanks to everybody who has been involved in the S.C releases,
    and all your beautiful reviews Rob, over 2012….

    all appreciated


  5. Cheers for all the comments folks – much appreciated and glad to have entertained. R x

  6. excellent end of year lineup! The first I could be bothered to read all the year through 🙂

  7. THANKS !!! feel very proud of the Neck Vs. Throat thing with Yol and very pumped on working with him!… and getting first this time (last year was Cinderella Stamps an EXCELLENT effort by Ashtray Navigations and feel extremelly honoured to be the one this year…). I want to take advantage to THANKS to all my buddies I get to know thanks to this space in the net!!! Daniel, Scott, Andrew, Andy, Yol and many artists that otherwise would have remained unknown here in Mexico!….I feel extremelly honoured and would like to specially mention Kev and Daniel’s effort one of my (if not MY) favourite this year in a perfect match to Space Victim “Psychotropic..” and my revelation of the year goes to Popular Radiation!….and all mentioned here deserve my uttermost respect and constant hearing. I have the extreme honour to have the chance to hear all of them!!! and many more…for another year in music…keeping up the hope to shake our hands in the real world one of these days…who know!? maybe in a future Skull Mask / N vs. T tour???

    • Yeah, that tour would be awesome. Let’s keep it in mind… With love, Rob x

  8. Wow! Just read this. I never even considered I’d get a mention never mind a top 10 place! Stoked and just a bit choked. And determined to justify my inclusion by trying even harder this year to produce work of a quality approaching that of my co-awardees. As for Miguel, this blog has been for me a portal to some fascinating and beautiful and inspirational stuff. Even the stuff i havent heard thanks to Rob’s delicious descriptions. Keep up the good work Rob (you’ll be writing a lot of it at 3 in the morning with one hand whilst cradling a child in the other soon 😉 )

    • Cheers Clough – and I’ll take similar care with my contributions to the Truant album, which I’ll get around to… eventually ;-). Love, Rob x

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