midwich live! with hagman, matt robson and quip, wharf chambers, leeds, wednesday 19th december, 2012

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quip hagman robson midwich poster

Yes folks, the last chance to see midwich live in 2012 and the premiere outing for a new ‘Winter’ set takes place on Wednesday 19th December in the salubrious surrounds of everyone’s favourite Leeds venue: Wharf Chambers.  Only a quid to get in!  Here’s the write up from S.O.I. HQ:


Not content with wrenching out new and exciting shapes from indie-rock and post-hardcore in his three-piece The Diamond Sea, Ben Eyes has a prolific history as a hard-touring laptop performer.

Still one of the hardest working men in digital music, Ben Eyes is truly one of the scene’s genuine all-rounders, able to operate in many of electronic music’s diverse disciplines. Always fresh and never in danger of falling into an Apple Mac-shaped cakehole, Eyes reminds us why we love electronic music so much and why it is still vital.

Equally able to conjure up abstract fields of Post-Fennesz dream noise as direct to cranium dance music, with all points of wistful and romantic post-Boards of Canada tropes thrown in in-between, Ben’s intimate knowledge of how to perform electronic music on stage has been honed over years and scores of performances from London to Berlin and Stockholm to Paris, soaking up multifarious influences from the digital itinerants of the continent.

Within the free-thinking walls of Wharf Chambers, expect anything and everything from one of Leeds’ finest laptop troubadours. Be sure to prepare you dancing loafers.

Matt Robson

Robson’s complete inability to judge the public mood and play the industry game has rendered him a peripheral character well below the footnotes or rock n’roll, but from this lowly position, a curious and wayward talent has nonetheless emerged.

Most will know him for his work as an electronica producer, trading under the name of randomNumber, generating large amounts of wonky and vastly unpopular music for the likes of Rock Action, Catmobile, Moamoo and HighpointLowlife during the earlier 2000s, whilst others may be aware of his work on drums, engineering and production in bands such as Ailsa Craig and The Blanche Hudson Weekend.

Tonight will be a rare opportunity to see one of Matt’s electronic sets, taking in unreleased solo work and re-workings and remixes of Ailsa Craig and Blanche Hudson Weekend material. Fans of Flying Lotus, Mount Kimbie, J Dilla, Third Eye Foundation and Autechre may find pleasure from his set…but probably not.

Midwich (Striate Cortex, Matching Head, Sheepscar Light Industrial)

Rob Hayler has also been knocking around for a while. After a highly productive few years at the turn of the century during which he co-ran the influential micro-label Fencing Flatworm Recordings and helped promote (sadly missed) Leeds experimental music institution The Termite Club, he realised that the way to garner serious praise, mystique and ‘elder statesman’ status was to disappear for five years then make a triumphant return. So he did. It worked!

Since 2009 he has been tirelessly documenting the noise underground via his blog Radiofreemidwich and, always tempted by the limelight, has returned to the fray himself with his solo project, Midwich. Well-reviewed releases on Striate Cortex, Matching Head, Phil Todd’s Memoirs of an Aesthete and Leeds label-du-jour Sheepscar Light Industrial have accompanied a smattering of live appearances. Crowds have been charmed by the sight of a 40 year old man rocking out to seemingly beatless drones. Currently pioneering the ‘furry javelin’ sound – a psychedelic, bubbling, ego-dissolving, fuzz augmented occasionally with field recordings – any performance from Midwich is sure to be a grin-inducing treat. Unless he is plagued with technical difficulties in which case the set will be replaced by industrial strength swearing.

Hagman (Sheepscar Light Industrial)

Daniel & David Thomas (no relation) are two men with a variety of noise making devices and lots of wires. As Lord Hayler of Midwich once wrote; “Hagman present a hard-won equilibrium teetering between power line hum and the rhythmic clatter of early 80s electro-industrial. As sinuously alien as a millipede clambering over tree bark, yet as warm as a cat asleep on your chest.” Expect shortwave radios, oscillators, drum machines and more effect pedals than a band famous for having lots of effects pedals.

Wednesday, 19th December, 2012
7.30 PM
Wharf Chambers

…and here is the inevitable facebook gig page.  As you can see, the line-up is less, shall we say, ‘demanding’ than some of the bills I have been on this year so perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for you to bring along noise-curious colleagues, friends and lovers.  Factor in the laughable entry fee and the dirt cheap bar and you have the perfect excuse for a naughty midweek mash.  Go on – turn up to work knackered and hungover on the Thursday morning.  Who cares?  Not me.

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