‘midwich’ interviewed for vibrations magazine

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The Leeds based, freely distributed music magazine Vibrations has interviewed me for their online edition.  From their ‘about us’ page:

Vibrations purpose is to cover the home grown music scene in Leeds and its surrounding areas, the centre for one of the most vibrant, creative and diverse city based musical cultures in the UK.

Vibrations magazine is a free, two-monthly printed magazine distributed through record shops, venues, arts centres and other music related locations in Leeds. No person involved in the magazine takes any money from it and any design, printing and distribution costs are covered by advertising revenue.

The purpose of the Vibrations website is to expose the music of Leeds to its widest possible audience, and tap into and help to support the network of city based music scenes throughout the UK and beyond.

A noble sentiment, I’m sure you’ll agree.  My discussion with Tom Bench is brief, good humoured and relentlessly positive.  I chat about the health of noise/experimental music in and around Leeds, how to ‘sell’ it to sceptical friends and colleagues, the self-sufficiency of the scene and so on.  The phrase ‘no audience underground’ is bandied about again, I’m afraid.  Well, it’s catchy, isn’t it?

Amusingly, as there is no introductory preamble (well, a little one on the page that lists their features but not on the interview itself) and as I am referred to as ‘Midwich’ and not by name anywhere it all seems a bit more mysterious than it need be…

Read the interview here.

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