some great news: a midwich cuckoo!

August 23, 2012 at 6:13 am | Posted in not bloody music | 3 Comments

One afternoon shortly before our move from Midwich Towers to Midwich Mansions an invisible forcefield enveloped the house.  All living creatures within were put to sleep for 24 hours and at the end of this eerie silence the forcefield vanished as inexplicably as it had arrived.  We awoke apparently unharmed but later found that all human females of child-bearing age, that is: my wife Anne, were now pregnant.

(Heh, heh – I’ve been waiting to do that joke for a long time…)

Yes, my beloved finds herself 13 weeks gone with our first little midwich cuckoo.  The sprog is pictured above lying in a face-down pose favoured by its father on a Saturday morning – it appears to be a chip off the old block already.  Let’s hope it isn’t a golden-eyed, telekinetically enabled alien, eh?  Oh what the hell, I’m sure I would love it just the same even if it was.

To be serious, we couldn’t be more delighted and are thrilled (and a little terrified, of course) at the prospect ahead.  I’m told this changes everything.  Wish us luck, comrades!


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  1. Whey Hey !!!!!! well done .. pleased for you both ..
    fun times ahead

  2. Yeeeeh!!! I’m so happy for you. A big hug!!!

  3. Cheers Andy and Dave – though if it does turn out to be the vanguard of an alien invasion I won’t be inviting anyone called ‘Zellaby’ ’round ;-). I know my ‘history’. With love, R xx

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