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This blog, I am very pleased to say, is bubbling along at a level of interest, dare I say ‘success’, that I am perfectly happy with.  I know it is taboo to discuss numbers of ‘hits’ openly – like comparing salaries at work – because it reveals the uncomfortable truth about how thinly the internet is spread.  Luckily for you, I don’t give a shit about protocol.

At the time of writing RFM has had 23,646 hits, has garnered over 1000 in each of the last nine months and over 1500 in four of those.  Given that the subject matter of this blog is only of interest to a statistically insignificant number of people, these figures are solid.  There is also evidence that my mutterings sometimes lead to interest (including a couple of terrific collaborations), downloads, even sales.  Not many – a handful – but more than, say, a mediocre review by an ill-informed drone in The Wire magazine would generate.  It is all very gratifying and I consider the hours I put in to be time well spent.

However, I find myself in the enviably bittersweet position of being a victim of this modest success.  In an average week I receive one or two parcels in the post, a couple of emails pointing me at downloads and, if I go to a gig or a Thursday meet-up, a handful of objects pressed directly into my sweaty palms.  On returning to Midwich Mansions from the Striate Cortex/Sheepscar Light Industrial gig I was so laden with gifts that my beautiful Turkish boy had to help me empty my bulging sack all over the Persian rug.  A lovely happy ending to a perfect night…

Now, don’t get me wrong: I ain’t complaining and long may this state of affairs continue.  A heartfelt thank you to all who have shared their work with me.  Unfortunately, even taking into account the fact that I don’t review everything I am given, I am still falling behind.  I’d happily spend all day every day puttering about in this small land but, as my lottery numbers stubbornly refuse to be drawn, aspects of ‘real life’ continue to make justified claims on my time.

So what am I saying?  Well, I’m asking for patience, mainly, and understanding.  I’m intending on shortening my average article length and on having more ‘bunch’ or ‘themed’ reviews instead of pieces on individual releases.  Hope y’all don’t mind – it’s a way of keeping it flowing.  And don’t worry – you can bet your bubble-blowing-dinosaur-robot that there’ll still be ridiculous whimsy alongside the hard-bitten analysis…

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