new midwich product! ‘cut flowers’ on memoirs of an aesthete

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midwich – cut flowers (Memoirs of an Aesthete)

Ladies and gentlemen, RFM is proud to annouce the release of Cut Flowers on Phil Todd’s terrific label Memoirs of an Aesthete.  This was the first recording made by the reactivated midwich and follows the traditional midwich album pattern of squeaky-drone-bubble-drone.  It’s release has been delayed for the best part of a year due to a devastating crocodile attack on the caravan carrying the masters as it crossed the Zambezi river.  Luckily almost all of those involved have now recovered from their injuries.

A few artist’s freebies were rescued from the carnage and handed out around the time of the comeback gig I played in the snow in February.  This led to the following comment, edited from a very flattering review over at Idwal Fisher:

Having listened to quite a bit of Midwich material over the years I detect a game of two halves; one being the breaking apart head nodding trancelike repetitive melody as fingered on a tiny keyboard … and the other being the overhead passing prop plane drone with all manner of layered nuance for company. In both, subtle shifts in harmonics occur which act in a drug like fashion putting the listener into a soporific eye rolling stasis … A more detailed look at ‘Cut Flowers’ will see a 47 second opener that you might be able to dance to [First Impressions], a fourteen minute prop plane droner [Mitigating Circumstances], a seven minute head bobber [Queen Olive] and a bow out track [Sea Kale] that runs to twelve minutes worth of shimmering drone that drifts across your vision like fag smoke in a tap room.

Cool, eh?  Dying to get your hands on it now, I bet.  Well, off you trot to the Memoirs Bandcamp page (click on ‘further releases’ if you can’t see it in the sidebar).  A limited edition CD-r with the lovely colour cover shown above can be had for a fiver (shipping first week of August) or, should you shun physical objects nowadays, a download can be had for a pitiful two quid!  I’ll truck no excuse – buy here.

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