artifacts of the no-audience underground: neck vs. throat

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NECK VS. THROAT (self-released CD-r)

…and whilst I’m on about that Yol guy…

Ladies and gentlemen, RFM is delighted to present: NECK VS. THROAT.  I’m wiping a tear of paternal pride from my cheek as I write because this terrific collaboration came about as a result of this blog.  Yes, my jottings have creative consequences.  I am humbled.

The story is a simple one.  Earlier this year me and Miguel Pérez, RFM’s correspondent of the Americas, produced a split CD-r: Miguel in his psychedelic raga guise as The Skull Mask, I contributed a throb-heavy Midwich track.  Fifty copies were manufactured and offered to friends and to those willing to trade or brave enough to express an interest.  One of those who kindly responded was Yol – see below for my thoughts on his art – who sent a copy of PUSHTOSHOVE in return.  I was mighty impressed and threw some mp3s of it across the Atlantic to Miguel who found himself just as appreciative.  Those two got in touch with each other.

Soon files were being swapped and neighbours unnerved.  The work was fashioned into shape with machine tools, willpower and spit and now the results of this experiment in transatlantic improv can be revealed.  It’s a fucking triumph.

To be specific: what we have is a five track, 32 minute CD-r, packaged in another example of Yol’s winningly stark graphic style.  Two of the pieces are Miguel improvising over material provided by Yol, the other three vice versa.  I think the difference between the two sets of tracks is marked and interesting.  One is furious, claustrophobic, the other has more air to it, a little more room in it to pace nervously up and down.  I’m not going to tell you which are which, though, as I think it might be fun to try and work it out for yourself.

Yol’s contribution is aptly described as ‘Throat Attack & Smashing of Objects’ on the back of the CD-r.  His vocalisations range from the almost conversational to horrifying bellowing to teeth-clenched, spittle-flecked groaning.  It is remarkable – unlike anything else I’ve been sent.  His utter commitment to the physicality of the performance is awesome.  Scraping, crashing, the dropping of metal objects augment and divide the stuttering tirade, like punctuation.

Miguel’s part is described as ‘Guitar Neck, Hair Sticks & String Damage’ and his style here is similar to that on recent recordings released under his own name.  No effects, no overdubs, rarely even sustain, hard picked, unforgiving in its discipline yet nuanced, subtle and compelling.  There is no ornament to it because none is needed.

The collaboration is a success, meaning the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Miguel underscores the rhythms and cadence of Yol’s glossolalia.  Yol’s furious delivery both bounces off of and is contained by Miguel’s guitar, like the steel ball bearing on a pinball table.

This physical object is only available in a painfully tiny edition so don’t sleep on it – get moving.  If you are in the Americas then please contact Miguel via or if you are in Europe then contact Yol via  Anywhere else – take your pick.


EDIT:  Also reviewed by Idwal Fisher. Yol’s youtube channel is here.  More from Miguel freely downloadable here.

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