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Ah, it is good to be back!  My beloved and I have just returned from a less than satisfactory holiday in Devon.  The weather was atrocious throughout, the accommodation acceptable at best and what little relaxation we could manage when our teeth finally unclenched was unavoidably interrupted by terrible news about the serious illness of a close friend.  Grim.  I won’t miss those roads either.  The journey from the local village to our cottage was like a hedged-in rollercoaster.  With sheep on it.

Oh well.  Back in civilisation I have been taking solace in a skim through the pile of correspondence that built up in our absence.  My eye was naturally drawn to a lengthy email by the lovely Hasan Gaylani of Jazzfinger whose solo project Popular Radiation was the subject of my last post before going away.  He makes a bunch of interesting and explanatory points adding to my own comments and I thought you lot might be interested to read ‘em for yourselves.  Over to Hasan (with one more note from me):

I’m so glad that you heard this as one thing divided into 5 – did you notice that some of the outros are actually the intros to the following gig/CDR?

(Editor’s note: I DID notice the outros/intros thing, and now I wish I had mentioned it, but I thought it was my overactive imagination.  My mp3 player shuffled the tracks into alphabetical order so at first I didn’t hear them in chronological order yet STILL heard intro/outro links between them. Hasan is obviously a massive genius because his skills make sure the tracks appear linked no matter what order they are listened to in!)

Yes, Space Argument is a reference to the fantastic Modern Toss cartoon, but it’s also a reference to that cat on the sleeve. She was called Patti Smith (!) and died in Jan 2011 at the grand old age of 18. The photo was taken in the early 90’s – at that time she didn’t like living with me and the other cat I had at the time and tried to keep away as much as possible: in the photo she’d finally found a bit of privacy – on top of the kitchen door!!

A while back I was reading a lot about Merzbow and discovered that an alternate title for Kurt Schwitter’s Merzbau was The Cathedral Of Erotic Misery……and the term Erotic Misery really fitted into my feelings about the bits of Kes I used – the scenes where the headmaster is berating and caning those boys, and also when Billy is hitting and cursing his inebriated older brother all seem highly charged in a totally wrong way. The bit from Paris Texas (I knew these people…) is the scene where Travis is talking to his ex through a one way peep show mirror: at once beautiful and desolate, he can only talk to her and love her as long as she can’t see him…….etc……two of my all time best movies.

Ariel Bender is a reference to the Mott The Hoople guitarist of the same name and also a reference to a lot of the sounds being lifted from the radio. The second half of the track is me mashing up the beat from the Strangulated Beatoffs ‘(Theme From) Fart Inhaler’ (mixed with a faulty Bong live tape) – it’s recognisable if you know the original track so it’s a cover version!

I thought your comparison of PR to the girl in Poltergeist was spot on and great. Kraftwerk’s Radio Activity’s allusion to radio waves and radioactivity says that it’s ‘in the air for you and me’ and so it follows with that in mind I’m nicking/soaking up/recycling stuff from the radio (presumably it’s popular if it’s on the radio, right?), TV, DVDs, other people’s records etc…….you know what I’m getting at, right?

I think the humourous side of things comes through more in my stuff than in JF as it’s more personal to me, and I love my twisted comedy as much as my favourite music – my favourite band ever is Sun City Girls which probably explains a lot. JF is more about a collective pursuit of beauty, and a manifestation of our friendship.

So now you know, eh?  Thanks again to Hasan for taking the time to reply so comprehensively.  I can only repeat my recommendation that you get hold of this stuff.  Contact Hasan directly via hasan.gaylani@btinternet.com and ask how.

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