transmissions erratic, patience requested

June 7, 2012 at 6:50 pm | Posted in blog info | 1 Comment


My apologies for the slowdown here at radiofreemidwich.  A number of real life factors have stepped on the content hose and the gushing torrent has become an embarrassing trickle.  I needn’t bore you with the all the details but sewing my catsuit for Saturday’s performance has taken ages, as has throwing all my belongings into a skip in preparation for a house move.

Service may remain erratic for, say, 4-6 weeks to cover the move, holidays and so on.  However, do not fret as an account of the gig will follow as soon as possible after the event and reviews of stuff by Lanterns, Aqua Dentata, Popular Radiation and other luminaries are awaiting planning permission.

Also: new midwich material has been completed and delivered to the country’s finest micro labels.  It awaits release with the all the patience of a rabid Alsatian that has caught the scent of a lovely, fluffy kitten…


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  1. What? Um… Yeah! Sorry… won’t see you Saturday – family duties beckon – have fun. Careful with that skip, mind….

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