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midwich – running repairs (CD-r, edition of 60, Striate Cortex S.C.46)

Ladies and gentlemen, RFM is delighted to announce the release of a fine new midwich recording.  The music it contains is as follows:

The first 20 minutes is all ‘new territories’.  Working alongside new bandmate Daniel Thomas, and with the beginners’ luck of novice Frankensteins, we have created a multi-limbed monster of ghost tones and gutter fuzz.  An hydraulic, ka-thumping wobble provides motorik momentum.  This track is as serious, resolute and kinky as a master of Kinbaku-bi but with more room to breathe in it than that simile suggests.  Hopefully more to come from the midwich power-duo.

(A word about my collaborator: Daniel Thomas has an infallible ear when it comes to the dynamics of a pedal loop and Shaolin level patch-lead skills.  His compositional pedigree is impressive too, having scored some prestigious modern dance performances.  Luckily, he doesn’t mind getting all-in with my more brute approach to proceedings.  On his SoundCloud site you will find ‘PommesDeRivière‘, his remix of midwich’s ‘river apples‘ in a hypnotic, Basic Channel style.  Daniel is also part of improvising noise troupe Hagman, who have a gig coming soon at an anarchist event in Shipley (details to be confirmed – or perhaps not, given the politics of the occasion) and is currently tending the nascent Sheepscar Light Industrial, which I’m sure will prove to be interest to my faithful readers.)

Linking the first and final tracks is ‘pennine interlude’ which documents the new hyper-fast transpennine bullet train that will take you from the wilds of Lancashire back to the civilisation of Yorkshire in just two minutes and seventeen seconds.  Listen for the pings.

Lastly, we have ‘bosky’ – a thick, viscous drone that grows increasingly more intense and insistent over (much of) its 26 minute length.  I sometimes use the term ‘ego-dissolving’ to describe an effective drone piece but ‘bosky’ demands a more active phrase: ‘ego-disintegrating’ maybe?  I hope so.  This is not a sugary syrup into which your mind can be happily stirred.  This is a vibrating, pulverising machine for reducing psyche to sand then performing cymatic experiments on the result.  Properly invigorating, in my humble opinion.

This album breaks new ground for me: it is the first time midwich has recorded as a duo, it is the first time the midwich sound has not been sourced entirely from my battered MC-303, it contains a level of layering and processing (and thus: work) hitherto alien to me and, at 50 minutes, it is the longest demand I have ever made on your attention.

It is also my first album on Andy Robinson’s label Striate Cortex.  Even the casual reader of this blog should be able to guess what that means to me and I couldn’t be more delighted at the package Andy has put together to house our modest efforts – see scans above, every cover different.  Andy, humble to the point of monkhood, insists that he not be credited at all in the liner notes accompanying his releases but this is my blog, goddammit, and I can praise who I like.  So here goes: I know of no other label producing such consistently high quality releases and the fact that he does this entirely on his own (and at his own expense during difficult times) makes him a candidate for the no-audience underground equivalent of the Légion d’honneur.  He even took a massive detour during an Easter weekend road-trip in order to meet up with me man-to-man (in the Fox & Newt, naturally) and hand over a ludicrously generous pile of freebies.

This is a quality assured release.  I can honestly say that if I was a punter unaffiliated with midwich or Striate Cortex I would gladly hand over the dough for this, so it goes without saying that you should too.  I know I’ve used this line before, but I’m not above a bit of mild guilt-tripping: if you dig this blog then please consider this purchase (the same unit cost as a single pitiful, joyless issue of The Wire magazine) to be the price of a subscription to radiofreemidwich.  And I promise this is the last time I’ll mention Striate Cortex too.  Well, for a little while at least…

Go on, treat yourself and buy here for a mere £4 plus postage.

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  1. Lovely stuff…

    Many thanks to Andy for all his efforts and the aforementioned “ludicrously generous pile of freebies”; I’ll be making my way through them over the next few weeks. Also, many thanks to Rob for trusting me not to sully the good name of midwich and inviting me to collaborate…

    Pats on the back all round…

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