complete your midwich sticker album: improved for sale page

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Thanks to the generous assistance of the Radio Free Midwich Historical Society and L’Institute de Hayleriana (Geneva) the bulk of my back catalogue is freely downloadable from the discography page of this blog.  Tab above – please help yourself.  Should you require guidance then the pieces linked to in the Bang the Bore interview with me form a useful ‘greatest hits’ selection of the long-form stuff.

There are gaps, however, where a release remains commercially available (given the strange and flexible definitions of both ‘commercial’ and ‘available’ that we use here in the no-audience underground).  With this in mind, I have revamped the ‘for sale’ page of this blog (tab also above) to provide ‘buy here’ details for all the midwich completists out there.  You know who you are.  Both of you.

Anyway, now there will be sections.  A tantalising coming soon list will whet the appetite before new stuff accounts for recently released archive material and genuinely new recordings made during the current midwich renaissance.  Following this, still available will include ‘classic’ material from the first wave of midwich recordings made a decade(ish) ago.  Forever fresh, of course.  Finally, self-released and fencing flatworm related will contain the various things I have chosen to make available myself.  All sections will include details of who to approach in order to secure these items and, where possible, cover scans and/or mp3 clips for preview purposes.

Form an orderly queue.  No jostling.

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