midwich & the skull mask update: all uk copies gone!

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Midwich & The Skull Mask (self-released split 3″ CD-r, edition of 50)

OK, phase one of this project – give away my copies here in the UK – has now been completed.  The last few floating around Midwich HQ have all been promised.  For those of you who stumbled onto this late and would like a physical object then the parcel I sent to Mexico containing Miguel’s share is still ‘in the air’ and I’m sure he’d be delighted to organise an international trade once his copies arrive.  Drop him a line at: lamancha@rocketmail.com – and many thanks to those who have already done their bit for Anglo-Mexican relations.  We will eventually make this available for download but are going to wait a while so that those in possession of their unique object can enjoy a little exclusivity…

Much obliged also for the offers of trade and the kind words too.  All very appreciated – great to give something back to the no-audience underground gift economy.  Chief amongst the kind-word-providers was Joe Posset, RFM’s North East correspondent, who felt moved to pen the following in review:

Wow.  This little tease popped onto the doormat of a Saturday.  I wasn’t expecting anything…it was from Rob Hayler…what could it contain?  Expectations were high.  Amid the postcards, bookmarks and other considered & loving ephemera of the hardcore tape trader out drops a cute little disc in brightly wrapped sleeve: Midwich & The Skull Mask.  Direct from Mexico The Skull Mask, Miguel Perez to his mother, plays a tinny, trebly acoustic guitar with tight steel strings wound up like a Spirograph drawing.   This is how I like my guitar: gritty, tangled and free-flowing.  Apart from a bit of some slight reverb this sounds like a pretty straight recording, no fancy effects or editing (Yes Fennesz I’m looking at you) that makes this as refreshing as a chilled glass of Chardonnay.  Mind you what do I know…it could be mashed through a galaxy of software.  It just sounds like a guitar and right now, right here that’s what I want.  The suddenly prolific Midwich drops another drone bomb on my noggin with ‘That which I believe, I wish to behold’ which sounds like something from a Sunday School sermon.  The mood is pretty dark on this lesson.  Throbbing tones bob up and down in the grey drone ocean until they are overturned by a doped up Narwhal.  Stoned, the beast roughs up the tone and like a virus it mutates dragging fishy mammal down to drown in heavy, heavy slush.  There’s a dubby quality to the latest tranche of Midwich releases which this one continues the trend, making space in the air, singling out single notes to emphasise, dragging themes back to ghost you.  Expectations were indeed high.  And I can report expectations were satisfied.

Cool, eh?  More musings from Joe can be found on the Posset blog here.  Further comments welcome.

Should you be a lucky recipient wishing to hear more, or an unfortunate wanting to know what you might have missed, then the majority of the midwich back catalogue can be had for free via the discography tab above.  New midwich releases on Zanntone and Memoirs of an Aesthete will surface at some point and other projects are forming in the primordial ooze…

There is also new stuff by The Skull Mask currently in preparation, which I will mention come the time, but for now the last four albums of Miguel’s shamanistic rites can be had for free via archive.org: Ritual of Purity, Casette 2007, The Old Spirit Of Maria Sabina and Casette Dic. 2010.

Go on, treat yourself.

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