wired for sound part 24: bbblood///tinnitustimulus

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C’mon admit it: a lot of full-on noise is boring.  It sits there as static and unappetizing as a bathtub full of lard with broken glass suspended in it, as unapproachable as a bale of razor wire dropped into a slurry of pig shit.  Some boneheads seem to consider the fact that their ‘art’ has no merit to be a badge of honour.  “Yeah,” they claim on moody black and white websites, “uncompromisingly harsh.”  A more apt adjective would be: dull.  This machismo and pseudo-nihilism seems to me to be a classic ‘strong means weak’ poker tell.  These silly boys are as terrified of the world as any bodybuilder.

But, people, it doesn’t have to be this way!  Noise can be joyously uplifting, it can be absurdly humorous, it can be nostril-flaringly cathartic.  It can, in other words, speak to us like any other genre of art.  It can help, it can explain.

And here we come to Paul Watson’s work as BBBlood.  Paul deftly avoids the pitfalls described above by ensuring his racket has buckets of momentum and physicality.  His noise rushes, pushes forward with an exhilarating, unstoppable roar.  Sometimes like a massive tank barrelling across churning mud and ruined foundations, sometimes like sticking your head out of the window of a speeding car on a hot day.  He also throws himself into it with refreshing vigour and gusto.  It is hard to care about even the most intricately prepared noise if it sounds like it has been made by a motionless Japanese dude, illuminated by the screen of his mac book.  In the case of BBBlood I’m happy to report that instead it sounds like objects were hurt, if not completely sacrificed, in the creation of this tape.

Philadelphia’s Tinnitustimulus has the second-daftest name I’ve heard recently but don’t let this silliness hamper your enjoyment of another satisfying 15 minutes of din.  And that’s all you’re getting about Side B.  I know it is naughty of me to give the second half such short shrift but, for me, this is all about BBBlood.  Should you wish to pursue this further prior to your inevitable purchase: sound samples can be found on the BBBlood blog and a more comprehensive review graces the pages of the excellent MuhMur.

Another great release.  Buy here.

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