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Mark Wharton, of the indispensible blog Idwal Fisher, has said some very kind things about me, this blog and my latest releases as midwich.  As I am not without vanity, it was perhaps inevitable that I would point you in their direction.  However, his comments have an added resonance for me.

Back at the turn of century, when I initially got involved with Termite Club and started fencing flatworm recordings, one of the first trades I did with Phil Todd’s sadly-missed distro Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers was a swap of my CD-rs for fanzines.  I reasoned that I needed to bone up on this underground that I now seemed to be part off.  A package containing several issues of Just Glittering (the precursor to Idwal) arrived and pretty much taught me how to listen to/write about this stuff.  I joke about ‘slavishly following’ Idwal Fisher but there is more than a grain of truth to it.

One of the simple comforts in this cruel world is an encouraging word from someone whose opinion you trust.  Cheers Mark!

Right then, <sniffs, wipes corner of eye, stares manfully out of the window for a second to regain composure>, I better get on with my work…

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