wired for sound part 23: posset and chump tapes

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posset – correct come (chump tapes #01)

Sindre Bjerga & Posset – List of unrefined sweeteners (chump tapes #02)

Ladies and gentlemen, radiofreemidwich is delighted to announce the birth of a new tape and CD-r label.  The proud father is tired but happy, the infant is bonny and in rude health.  Long having resisted the urge, Joe Posset, RFM’s North-East Correspondent, finally crumbled like a stock cube and here he is dirtying his hands with self-released racket.  He describes chump tapes as purely a ‘vanity project’ (his choice of phrase) created mainly so he could have fun manufacturing daft inserts (my chump tapes flyer is a recycled triceratops top trumps card).  He is not, as far as I know, inviting submissions.  However, when your home-grown product is so fine who needs ’em, eh?  I wondered why Joe had been so quiet lately – the reason is, of course, that he has been busy being loud…

Posset’s correct come cassette gets the coveted catalogue number #01 (I love the use of the hash symbol for some reason – seems right) and is a terrific mash of the expected dictaphone madness, with some unexpectedly noisy passages and some downright shocking non-verbal, acapella, vocal improv.  This latter category, dismissed as ‘gurglecore’ by a wit cleverer than me, is usually something that I will cross the road to avoid, but Joe tackles it with such joie de vivre and such awe-inspiring total commitment that the tracks in question are spellbinding.  In fact, such is the ferocity/velocity of his straining, grunting and wheezing that I fear for the state of his undercrackers.  Disarmingly hilarious, sometimes disquieting, often both at once – these are the highlights of a very strong set and possibly my favourite release by Posset until at least the next paragraph.  Joe also wins track title of the year so far with ‘i killed power electronics with my big fucking dick’.

List of unrefined sweeteners is a collaborative project constructed by Joe and the prolific Sindre Bjerga via the heritage method of posting cassettes backwards and forwards between them.  This has all the humour and dada erudition you might wish for but again has some surprisingly heavy passages (see for example the opening of track two: ‘Some sweeteners are made from starch, with the use of enzymes.’).  I’ll let Joe explain:

A new CD-R of Dictaphone mumble and frottage from the titans of micro-cassette mayhem Sindre Bjerga & Posset. Sounds were mailed across the sea so sounds could live again on ferric spools. Vocal mush and groaning rubs rudely against grey hiss, ffw scree, Pipa bling, broke-horn skronk, out-of-tune pucks, Maoist chants and street shatter etc. This is a right dirty listen. Not for fans of order or subtlety.

Indeed so: there is a shout of ‘smash the old world, establish the new world’ at one point, just to underline the pre-revolutionary fervour.  This rabble rousing 20 minutes is available in an edition of 30 so I suggest you get a wriggle on and secure yourself a copy.

Email Joe at sweetflagfour@blueyonder.co.uk and visit the Posset blog here.

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