a different underground, still no-audience: van der saar

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Van der Saar – Sixty Six

I’d like to report the result of a little cultural exchange programme.  A chap called Allan Lewis of Toronto, Canada dropped me a line a couple of weeks ago.  He introduced himself as a friend of Mark Ritchie of Hiroshima Yeah! fanzine and said some kind things about this here blog.  He told me about his own musical endeavours recording under the name Van der Saar (yes, as in the Man U goalie) and sent me a link to a manageable zip file containing examples of his work.  He recognized, correctly, that his musical style – self described as:

one-man-band indie rock that’s parts noisy, poppy and spacey

…was probably not going to light my fire, but was interested in striking up a conversation and was intrigued by the notion of the no-audience underground.  Interestingly, he makes a case that the term is equally applicable to the kind of songsmithing that guys like him and Mark get up to.  He also seemed quite keen on giving drone a try, in particular the music of that giant of the genre midwich.  Charmed, I listened to his stuff and replied as follows:

…I’ve downloaded your zip file, listened to all the contents three times through and one track a few more times as well.  You are correct in guessing that this isn’t the sort of thing I usually listen to, or write about, but a man cannot live on noisy dronetroniks alone.  Of the five tracks my favourite by some distance is ‘Soixante Six’ which I had on repeat on the bus to work this morning.  It reminded me of the avant-pop of the early-90s ‘lost generation’ bands here in the UK: Pram, Seefeel, Insides, Disco Inferno etc. – a brilliant wave of beautiful, intelligent music that got swamped by inane Britpop…

I explained that I may not write about it for RFM but thanked him for his trouble and pointed him at the best of my (freely downloadable – help yourselves) back catalogue.  After a civilised pause he sent a gracious reply indicating that he cool with that.  In the meantime he has also been reading up on my track record and grooving on some of my stuff too.  A gentleman correspondent.

The least I can do is point you at his Bandcamp page where the track I mention above can be had as part of the freely downloadable EP ‘Sixty Six’.

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