wired for sound part 21: bbblood – destroy, shatter, stun, intoxicate

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BBBlood – Destroy, Shatter, Stun, Intoxicate (Void Seance, VS008)

(Editor’s note: this is the first in a series of shortish reviews written to catch up with a backlog of terrific new stuff.)

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get in a mood where the only flavour of crisps I want to eat is ALL-OUT FUCKING NOISE flavour.  Now, this doesn’t happen often and one packet will usually suffice, but the craving, when it comes, is irresistible.

The last time I felt the urge I decided to look for something new to me and not just rely on old favourites or the teetering review pile.  A drift around the Bang the Bore forum revealed much praise for BBBlood.  This turns out to be the stage name of London-based noise-artist Paul Watson, who has been at this game long enough to make me feel guilty for not knowing his work already.  There is a new tape (a split with Tinnitustimulus of Philadelphia) which I will be getting my grubby mitts on forthwith but the release above, and the subject of this review, came out in a tiny edition around a year ago.  It is now available as a free download at archive.org – see downloads page of the BBBlood blog for a link.

What you get for your efforts are two ten-minute long, immensely satisfying tracks of unabashed noise, rich and varied in texture, fearless in attack and best enjoyed at a volume so loud it makes you feel nauseous.  Imagine a factory: not the white, cornerless gleam of an Intel advert but a dark satanic mill full of giant machines powered by arcing, fuzzing electricity and smoking, acrid diesel – the former always threatening to ignite the latter.

One of these machines has a huge funnel at one end into which car tyres, electrical appliances – anything really – are dumped and mashed.  At the other end pipes and ropes made from this material are extruded with the force and speed of toothpaste shot from a stamped on tube.  This mechanism produces a brain-loosening racket of deep-bass digestive rumbles and flatulent groans.  It is overlaid by an ear-splitting clamour of juddering roars and splintering, grating screeches.

This hits the spot, man.  Download here.

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