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So: four posts in first two weeks of January, nothing in the following two weeks – what gives, eh?  Well, leaving aside the incursions of real life and focussing on music-related pursuits, the reasons for my distraction are as follows:

The gig.  I am very excited about the upcoming midwich performance on the 4th (with Astral Social Club, Culver and The Piss Superstition – details here) and delighted, whilst somewhat concerned, by the number of people who have said that they are coming.  As such, I am spending time ‘in rehearsal’ which translates as leaning on the keyboard for long periods whilst tweaking filters, jiggling leads and dealing with retching nerves.  There will, of course, be a write-up on this blog to follow.

New releases.  Two midwich releases made up of all-new material should be available at said gig: ‘Cut Flowers’ on Phil Todd’s label Memoirs of an Aesthete and ‘October in Yorkshire’ on Paul Walsh’s brand-new label Zanntone (pictured above).  One of the tracks I will be playing is a version of a track included on the latter.  There will, of course, be write-ups of both with ‘buy here’ details on this blog to follow.

Collaborations.  There are another two midwich related recordings in the works as two collaborations I have contributed too – one from the archives, one ongoing – may soon see the light of day.  As my collaborators, who shall remain nameless for now, are both incredibly talented artists who have seen fit to work their magic on my prosaic sound sources I am looking forward to basking in their reflected glory.  There is also the possibility of contributing to a fascinating new venture and webzine being formulated across the Channel in France and being launched in February.  There will, of course, be write-ups on this blog to follow.

The absence of a review pile.  I hesitate to say this, as I hear the creak of the floodgates being opened, but I haven’t been sent or been pointed at very much new stuff since Christmas.  The no-audience underground seems to be taking its time to come ’round from its New Year hangover.  I am not incapable of doing my own research, of course, but should any of you think I am missing something then do feel free to alert me to it.  There will then, should I like it of course, be write-ups on this blog to follow.

Right then, see you at the Fox and Newt!

STOP PRESS!  As I was writing this an email from Miguel arrived containing a link to a drone/doom epic lasting eight hours.  Holy shit!  Be careful what you wish for, eh?  Check this out: La Última Frontera – The Last Border.

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