artifacts of the no audience underground: peopling – peopling ep

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peopling – peopling EP

OK, a short, sharp review for a short, sharp release.

Before Christmas a chap called Ronnie from the borough of Brooklyn in the fabled city of New York sent an email inviting me to download his debut EP.  As his message was full of flattery directed at me and this blog I found myself inclined to do so.  I am nothing if not vain.  Anyway, leaving my character flaws to one side, I’m glad I did as the peopling EP is very smart indeed.

Three highlights:

1. ‘regprog’ which features an irresistible percussive splurge that somehow sounds both wet and abrasive at the same time – as if the sample buried under all the filters is a recording of someone dropping a huge glass jar of peanut butter onto a stone kitchen floor.

2.  ‘summer such and such’ which (stay with me here) is the sound of a forlorn farmer trying to calm a shed full of agitated turkeys by plucking an acoustic guitar.  However, the gobbling of the birds is getting increasingly strange and metallic as, unbeknownst to the poor guy, the creature from John Carpenter’s The Thing has broken in and is replacing the real turkeys with horrific alien pseudo-animals.  Tremendous.

3.  ‘fiji’ which is my personal fave and stand out track.  The gurning industrial psychedelia and distorted, glossolalia vocals (also effective on opener ‘come home eccentric’) call to mind early Butthole Surfers (high praise indeed) or perhaps a hip, American take on the psychiatric underground of my beloved Ceramic Hobs.

I’ll leave the rest for you to discover.

Six tracks are whipped through in 16 minutes.  Points are made with a get-in/get-out brevity and sureness of purpose that is most refreshing.  The snack-size running time makes it easily digestible and the unusual after-taste it leaves behind encourages further consumption.  Treat yourself at bandcamp here, or search for ‘peopling’ on iTunes, or for physical objects have a word with Ronnie himself via

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