bang the bore celebrates fencing flatworm recordings part two

November 12, 2011 at 10:51 am | Posted in blog info, fencing flatworm, midwich, musings, no audience underground | Leave a comment
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I am delighted to announce that part two of Bang the Bore’s article about fencing flatworm recordings, oTo tapes, midwich and this blog is now available to peruse.  I was in an expansive mood throughout this interview so it may be wise to don your smoking jacket, mix a martini and replenish your chip’n’dip before settling down.  I hope you find much of interest.  It was certainly a lot of fun to do and has inspired my recent creative endeavours (of which more anon).  Thanks again to Seth and Pete for doing an amazing amount of homework and asking some incisive and entertaining questions. 

Whilst I’m in self-congratulation mode, may I also note that RFM recently enjoyed its 11,000th ‘hit’ – a total up 175% on this time nine months ago.  The last 1000 hits have come in less than a month!  I am quietly proud of this modest result and would like to thank all those who have visited and contributed.  Cheers folks – I’m touched. 

Finally, I have also updated the ‘About me and this blog’ page (tab above) to give a more accurate account of what this blog has become over the (almost) two years of its existence.

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