artifacts of the no-audience underground: second review haiku

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At a time when the quantity of music I’m exposed to is increasing exponentially, even without amassing downloads, I am super wary of burn-out.  It did for me during the last days of fencing flatworm when I was stretched paper thin and miserably ill.  Back then, an unsolicited jiffy bag full of scratchy Scandinavian improv was enough to bring on thoughts of self-harm.  Ugh.  In hindsight it wasn’t surprising that the short break from music that I embarked on in 2004 ended up lasting five years…

Now back in the fray, healed and enjoying some hard earned sense of perspective, I am digging music more than I’ve ever done before.  Amazing, eh?  The only problem is finding the time and the energy to write about everything I want to write about.  Goddammit, the world must be told!  And by me!  So here is the second in an occasional series of round-ups in which I maximise efficiency by using the traditional Japanese poetic form of Haiku.  Pretentious?  Aww.. maybe, but I enjoy attempting to achieve the clarity and precision of thought that the form demands.

I’m hoping that, as none of the producers and donators of this material were expecting reviews at all, they won’t be disappointed not to get a thousand word epic containing rapturous references to duelling cybernetic dragons.  I’m parking all that for a minute.  Instead this lot get seventeen syllables in the traditional 5-7-5 formation.  Each poem is a distillation of some concentrated repeat listens and was composed whilst the music was actually playing.  Each entry follows the same format:

Thumbnail of cover (click to enlarge)

  1. Band name – album title
  2. Review poem
  3. Label and release info which doubles as a ‘buy here’ link

OK, off we go…

  1. Enoc Dissonance – Ilimitada Disponibilidad Corporativa de un Automata
  2. Lump hammer rhythm / Heaving circadian wheeze / Wounded robot blinks
  3. Oracle ORE72, free download

  1. The Skull Mask – The Old Spirit of Maria Sabina
  2. Wilderness shaman / Sierra de Chihuahua / Ego Dissolving
  3. Oracle ORE70, free download

  1. Mascarae – Daemdria Lades
  2. Mechanical ghost / Abandoned power station / Circuitry spirit
  3. Oracle ORE71, free download

  1. The Piss Superstition – Valentine, The World Hates Us
  2. Reptilian hulk / Immobile yet poised, like a / hibernating frog
  3. Self released, CD-r

  1. Inseminoid – untitled
  2. Quiet, implied threat / Cinematic butchery / Hung meat favoured here

  1. Inseminoid – uk tour 2011
  2. The gulf between us / The sheer metallic cliff face / The roaring abyss
  3. Self-released, 3″ CD-r

  1. Hapsburg Braganza / Trancers II / Posset – …a clutch of eggs…
  2. Magic carpet flight / George Dixon versus Jack Deth / Dicta-noise chirrups

  1. Foldhead – Drugs Paint Alcohol
  2. Amniotic lab / Grisly incunabula / struggling to be

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