dddd is dead, long live dddd!

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Those of you that use this page as a one-stop portal for all things fringe and no-audience may have noticed that the link to DDDD fanzine has disappeared.  Well, that is because the thing it linked to has disappeared too: it is with great sadness that I announce the passing of the DDDD website.  I was gobsmacked to find it online in the first-place – in all its luddite, cut-and-paste glory – and am now gobsmacked to find it gone.  No half measures or scaling back with Simon: he decided that he’d had enough of the internet and, in a gargantuan attack of ‘burn the diaries!’ scorched-earthism, deleted the lot.  I’ve no idea if he has kept the original hand-assembled text and collages, but I can’t help imagining him and Pippa whistling merrily as they stoke a bonfire in the back garden…

As a brief eulogy, allow me the indulgence of quoting from an email I sent to Simon a while back.  In response to kind comments he made about this blog, I said:

…Would it sound too fake if I said the feeling is reciprocated?  The aspects of DDDD that you so often bemoan: the indecision, the incoherence, the repetition, the self-loathing are essential parts of what makes it, well, essential and are as crucial as the enthusiasm, the wit, the bloodyminded tenacity.  Yours is a voice that screams “I AM HUMAN AND I NEED TO BE LOVED, JUST LIKE ANYBODY ELSE DOES” with all the heartbreaking contradictions that entails.  It is a cool stream in an otherwise arid desert of the boring and the witless and the cocksure.

I’ll miss it.  At the risk of ludicrously inflating my own part in this, I can’t shake un uneasy feeling that I’m partly to blame.  Simon’s downloading addiction had reached such a hysterical pitch that it appeared to be affecting his mental health – the evidence was in the writing – and I staged an intervention (which, thinly veiled, can be read about in a previous post below).  I wonder if that planted the seed?  Hmmm… nah, just my monstrous ego playing up: Simon did say that he felt it would peter out eventually so I suppose that’s just what happened.

But, but – hang on a minute – what’s that?!?  Dry your eyes!  There is news!  Perhaps sometime in the future DDDD will be returning in paper form to a letterbox near you, or, even better, that letterbox could open to reveal Simon’s eyes as he shouts “I know you’re in there!”.  See the mysterious New Luddism Wikispace for details…

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