radio free midwich is on holiday

June 24, 2011 at 8:38 pm | Posted in blog info | Leave a comment

I have decided to take a Summer break.  I know it is internet suicide to staunch the flow of ‘content’ but I’m hoping that readers of this blog – connoisseurs of fine writing, erudite wit and gratifying music all – won’t grudge me this respite.  It will give you a chance to catch up on your Swinburne. 

I shall return refreshed in two or three weeks and already have great plans afoot.  Highlights of the forthcoming season include: 

  • The long lost second Truant album released at last!
  • The return of Sanity Muffin – magnetic, mesmeric mastery!
  • Memories of Termite Club – rare photos of legendary events!
  • The story of ‘This Whole Process’ – midwich’s magnum opus and bitterest disappointment!

…and much, much more plus the usual mix of reviews and incisive commentary.

I am also working on a semi-secret project which may be of interest to historians of the no-audience underground.  All will be revealed in due course…

So as not to wear out your clicking finger visiting RFM on the off chance of a new post why not subscribe?  Press the button over on the right hand side (scroll down – it is under the archives list) and enter your email address.  You will then be sent a message whenever novel musings appear.

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