wired for sound part 11: tapenoise, mutant ape, culver

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TapeNoise – Commodity Master Barter

A package from Dex, known to a select coterie as TapeNoise, is always a pleasure to receive.  The characteristic decoration indicates a parcel probably containing an intriguing object, hand-crafted, often unique.  TapeNoise productions document this outsider artist’s struggle to retain a hands-on, human connection to this slippery world of alienating mass consumption.

It is no coincidence that his sound palate relies heavily on the forlorn, failed, futurism of first-wave industrial music.  There are occasional bursts of percussion, or vocal cut-ups, or garage guitar, but mainly this music is made up of pulsing synth lines phased, looped and distorted.  It has the spacious, lo-fi feel of a Throbbing Gristle rehearsal tape, or of some preliminary sketches by the Radiophonic Workshop.  I have found previous TapeNoise releases quite difficult to get into, and this is a lengthy and occasionally exhausting listen too.  However, the length does give you the time needed to tune in to Dex’s station and by the end I was happy letting it wash over me.

I have no idea if this recording is ‘available’ in any usual sense of the word.  The cover of my copy (above) seems to be a hand-painted one-off.  I guess if you are interested, the thing to do is email Dex at: tapenoise@gmail.com

Culver – Omon (Matching Head 173)

Mutant Ape – Deforestation (Matching Head 172)

Two recent releases on the indefatigable Lee Stokoe’s tape label Matching Head.

The Mutant Ape tape, cover above – reproduced smaller to save your blushes at work, contains three tracks of satisfyingly muscular noise and nostril-flaring catharsis.  It provoked much nodding in approval here at RFM HQ and comes highly recommended.  That is all.

The Culver tape, limited to 32 copies and featuring a cover photo even more suspect than the one above, is a single piece of sombre atmospherics, haunted and claustrophobic.  Lee’s Culver project is, to me, like the wood facing my house: so big as to fill the whole of my window, yet so familiar that it is possible to forget it is there.  How a series of 50 foot high beech trees could ever escape my notice is an embarrassing mystery, but there you go.  Anyway, when the trees do catch my attention I can be hypnotized by the beauty of their movement in the wind and the ever changing depth of field it creates.  My response to Culver is eerily similar.  My advice is not only to buy this tape but to buy a pile of others too then settle down to some serious staring out of the window.

Matching Head remains defiantly postal.  For ordering details click on the picture of the charming young lady below and this will take you to a pdf of the latest, barely legible, catalogue.  Again, mildy NSFW.

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