posset and andrew perry, slight return

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An unadorned and playable copy of this CD-r arrived for me yesterday (thank you Joe, you are a gentleman) and I am now in a position to comment on the music.  Here goes: it is great.  More?  OK, how about this:

Picture a charming old-fashioned toy shop full of music boxes, pull-my-string-and-hear-me-speak dolls, and other delightful noise-making products made to enchant grateful children.  Now picture a Geordie lunatic pouring petrol through the letterbox and torching the place.  He hides around the corner, waits for the Fire Brigade to soak everything, then sneaks back and steals the sodden, carbonised remains of these toys.  He then lays ’em all out on the floor of his garage, presses record on his dictaphone and gets to work.  The resultant glorious racket is the sound of Posset.

Andrew Perry’s ‘hope is for the weak’ – a single 23 minute track in several parts – is a revelation.  There is some proper noise, presumably a field recording of the burning toy-shop, overlaid with some shimmering astralness, a bit that sounds worryingly like an attempt to machine-wash pebbles, a purring cat, and some pushed-into-the-red loopy droning adorned with guitar sparkles.  It is engaging, uplifting and, ironically, full of hope.  I loved it.

Since the initial post I’ve established that Martin of Fuckin’ Amateurs can be contacted via thinkpinkfairies@aol.com.  Also, a list of their back catalogue can be seen at discogs – well some of it at least: there are ’29 submissions pending’!  Blimey – I feel like I’ve peeked into what I thought was a little cupboard and discovered the North-East Improv equivalent of the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark…

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